Human evolution and Good vs Evil

Well hello there, been a bit since I posted a blog....

I have been down with the last of the winter/spring flu and it is double whammo when you are coughing your tush off and pollen is everywhere...mmmmmmm mmmmmmm  mmmmm sand in lungs anyone?

So I decided to sit my snot filled head down and write some of my recent thoughts and experiences regarding this thing we call "Life". So you my reader ( all 10's of you) can peek behind the curtain of it all and possibly learn something in the process.

So let's see, is anything going on in the world that is topsy turvy? 

Oh, well how about that.

Hmmm, it seems the world continues to be mostly fucked with a slight chance of shit showers. Okay, so let us peel the onion and look into the why for the zillionth time.

You know that spoiled child, the child that parents insist that they are Gods gift to the world?

The child that just knocked over your brand new super hd tv and the parents laugh and say " Oh that little Randolph, he is such a naughty boy"?

The child that kicks your seat on the airplane endlessly and the parent then says to you when you recline the seat " Do you mind placing your seat back up? my child needs extra room to kick for 6 hours"

Ever wonder what becomes of those children that are not taught right from wrong?

Well they sometimes grow up to live in D.C and kick the shit out of the seat of reality as we know it. They still strive for all the energy and attention they can get. 

So how does this inability to teach a child life skills effect reality?

If the parent is the key in shaping the mind of a child and some spiritual guy in some book states "Come to me with the mind of a child" and if that mind is one of a tainted mess of control, demand, lies then that child will only create that type of energy and not be a peace maker on earth, it will represent negative energy and become a chaos maker that controls, deceives and causes suffering.

The blind will be drawn into the bullshit of this child and cant be blamed for it as that blame will feed the child more but this blindness can spread and cause a collective wave of negative energy that can circle and effect the world.....



So how can we change a world shaped by this child of chaos?

Well Boston Magazine did a feature on me and asked me to share some of my metaphysical knowledge on how to create peace within.  In the article, #4 deals with the seat kicking child and I will elaborate on that technique a bit now.

In the article I state in regards to the child kick, "I use the child’s actions to bypass a normal emotional response.” and that sentence is the key to diffusing energy vampires and attention grabbers. They want you to become upset, the want to draw you into their energy of hate and out your world of love.

When the spoiled child says or does something rude, you have the choice to:

1-React with gut response explosion and feed them

2-Enlighten yourself and be set free

If you choose 1 you have just given them more energy to further their actions, you have fed them what they desire. 

The major news stations create monsters and then cover monsters 24/7.

Is there any station that is covering good stories? positive energy? sure maybe for 30 seconds then back to the ol' Devil horns of nonsense. People get pulled into this addictive energy of rage by watching/reacting/watching/reacting and with each outburst become a matrix like battery for the wet diaper lie machine.

if you choose #2 however to enlighten yourself, you will see how the energy of the sentence can move you ahead and help to pull the plug of the energy cord that feeds the child "I use the child’s actions to bypass a normal emotional response." 

You have to slowly train yourself to redirect your own internal explosions and when the child acts up and desires attention and energy from you have your 1st reaction be one of thoughts of pleasure in your life, fun times, times of love and kindness...not rage. See them for what they are and grow from it.

I am not saying not to have an opinion , I am saying your 1st response should generate love energy vs rage. This will remove you from the horrible feeling that YOU have inside when you get pissed off at what you view on the television.

YOU feel drained, upset, worried....

YOU carry the burden of fear...this ISNT YOUR ENERGY, IT IS THE ENERGY OF MANIPULATION that they have placed on you.

Smell a flower, play with your pet, kiss your spouse, generate POSITIVE energy to counter the negative that currently flows over reality like a raging river. Each time you see or hear a man child acting like an asshole, create NEW positive energy.....retrain your consciousness and you will soon know a HUGE secret....

That you are the one that can aid universal energy, the source that allows negativity to thrive or diffuse on Earth, as you are retraining your inner child.

"Come to me with the mind of a child"

Train your inner child to always 1st react through the power of joy, peace and love, help pull the plug on hate. Create love 24/7 and only fight when it is the only choice to do so and you will see that the teeter totter that is good vs evil can sway back towards love.


B Collins The Rabid Monk



This is in honor of 2 people that helped shaped my life, Tom and Delores...God bless you both.