Spiritual side hustle: Nah

With the recent shift

( well, over the past 10 years =recent) of people trying to live and exist in life the rebranding of working many jobs to survive is now called a "side hustle". This shifting of words by the powers that be into some positive mix match emotional alchemy is simply brilliant.

You dont work 4 jobs to exist, you are a go getter! you have many side hustles!

How cool is that! -Word, right on "homey".

Fuck that!....once again people have been manipulated into thinking the reality that they experience is okay....it is okay to have the world constantly flipped upside down to where the haves have more and the "nots" well, the "nots" are kept down and are not even fed not cake any longer, they are fed a huge pill of control and wash it down with a glass of overlord complacency. 

This idea of "side hustle" is fucking insane, would heroin be wonderful if it was marketed as "nap powder"  by those in control?

There are 2 worlds that we all walk in, the world of reality and the confusing fog of oppression and desire for the golden ring. A abuse victim at some point will think that they "deserve" the abuse, that it is okay as they probably "did something" to deserve the way they are being mistreated and so goes this "side hustle" mentality.

In the words of Denzel as Malcom X:

Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!

In years to come, when money becomes a thing of the past, earthlings will look back and see the only currency that was truly required for humanity to survive was the currency of care, a connection to all spiritually where all are equal.  They will view our current culture as barbarians disregarding our fellow woman and man.

Side hustle, a word control designed  to manipulate the mind and control the soul... here is what I say to that.....



Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk