Whack a mole

As a species, what is the vibe we really broadcast outwards to the universe?

As a species, what is the vibe we really broadcast outwards to the universe?

You know that old school arcade game "whack a mole"?

The violent hands on game where you simulate smashing the head of varied moles that pop up out of a grouping of holes? They pop up, you react to smash one with a mallet , it retreats , another pops up in another location...etc, etc?

Well that is a multi dimension reality experience at it's finest.

You see, the world is in one of those "solar flare" moments, no, not the actual sun, the essence of explosive situations popping up like the moles. Unlike the inanimate arcade game, each slice of reality that is served on the table of life has lasting energetic repercussions for all.

How so?

Well not only social, economic and global repercussions but emotional as well. Anger, rage, hate, judgement, greed, deceit, control , demand, all are individual slices of energy that can ( and do) wreak havoc on a persons very being. Stress is a mutha in regards to the inner turmoil and long term effects on the human body.

The whack a mole philosophy of jumping from one manifestation of a "problem" to the next leads the world into a cycle of a constant game with no winner. Unlike whack a mole however, life itself cannot have another token placed in again to restart.  

A pencil saves the day

Over 20 years ago while aiding a client in my former office in Boston's Back Bay, I held a pencil in my hand while talking to the client. Every time they reported a "problem" to me, I hit my opposing hand with the pencil. They looked at me like I was odd ( well, I am in this world) but continued to rant on and on about issues.

Finally the client said to me " What are you doing?" 

I replied showing you that meaning of life itself.

The person asked with a highly sarcastic tone "How is hitting yourself with a  pencil showing me the meaning of life?"

I replied "It shows you a few things, first it shows you the visual transfer of energy from one point to the next ( blame, control, demand, anger), second it shows you the root of the issue ( the point of origin that initiates transfer of internal turmoil to an outside point in time and space ie: pencil hand hitting opposite hand)  and finally is shows you the secret of resolution itself.

They then physically pulled back in the office chair to see the lesson, the chance in front of them in the moment.

" So, what then? You still have the pencil" they barked at me. I then watched a persons mind actually be blown by the next gesture I made....I dropped the pencil.

We sat in silence for about 10 seconds, then I said.... "You can also experience new energy by letting go of the old stuff that causes pain". I then asked the client to continue the story that they were just telling me about all of the endless troubles they were reporting to me...they then looked at the pencil on the floor and said " You mean I can drop the pencil and stop causing myself pain?"

I said yes, why yes, you can.

So how does this event in my office relate to "Whack a mole"?

Well, world leaders are in a clusterfuck state currently. One where the ripple effect of recent events in elections has the world stuck in a daily game of the whack the moles ( daily attention grabbing actions) that pop up to be noticed and resolved.

Every single day people are subconsciously placed in a state of internal pencil hit from issues that "pop up" . Reaction to our "leaders" makes the blood boil. Reaction to the ones that abuse power makes the blood boil, people worry about the future of life itself and worry...yup, it makes the blood boil.

See the pattern ( pencil hit) ?

You cannot stop anyone from independent thinking, you can though allow outside "reality" to allow you to grow internally.


•Well put a game token in the Whack a mole game ( ie: watch the daily news)

•See the crossroad you are at when you begin to get ready to whack the emotional mole within buy getting upset at the same old shit popping up

•Take a deep breath


*Shut off the television and go and create some NEW energy, do not allow the old ways to repeat over and over within and cause YOU pain and stress, create joy within YOU and fully experience the opposition of the external negative world by manifesting internal positive....aka love.

You can do so by moments of kindness, reflection of your true self ( even the "bad stuff" you may have done or experienced), by opening your eyes and soul to the world around you free from a invalid internal BS  state. By taking action to create the peace you desire by seeing nothing can change...unless you are willing to change within "

You then will have dropped the mallet ( pencil) and helped make the universe shift just one more inch towards unity by walking away from the "Whack a mole" cycle of problems ( old shit) and creating the energy of balance ( new ). Sometimes it happens in an instant, sometimes it takes a bit to unravel the old energy and replace with the new.

Unless a person is willing to commit to the work of creating to new through action then all you will get is a constant pencil hit, a constant mole whack and the same old shit happening again and again.

Will this solve all? It solves more than you can imagine, I know one guy that walks the walk...read some examples of him here:

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