Pretenders and old memories released, goodbye 4 eva Clique

Well, I went with my wife last night at the Orpheum in Boston

to see the amazing "New wave" band  The Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde is one of my favorite singers of all time ( the 1st Pretenders album graces my home office wall in a frame).

I first saw them in ( ah hem) 1981 a spry young lad of 16, 180lbs, deep into martial arts and meditative moments, fueled by the power of punk rock,  new wave ( and chi). It was funny going to see Chrissie and the gang at very the same place I saw them in 81, The Orpheum in Boston.

Now if you know Boston, you will know that all concert "tickets" sold at this venue ( X, Chili Peppers, Thompson Twins, Guns and Roses, Stray Cats, Asia, Billy Idol, The Cure, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, just to name a few) had a .50  cent "restoration fee" attached to all sales. I personally saw a zillions shows at that location and wanted to see after all these years the restored  solid gold lined theater, the perfect /painting plastering, the new ergonomic seats that cushion and hug you, the awesome heating/air know the restoration.

When I entered through the old hollowed music doorway, I entered a time warp in my mind....the t shirt hocking area was in the same place, the place looked exactly the same, the felt the same, because it was the EXACTLY same.

Now I knew that the .50 "restoration fee" was just a slush fund fee for unnamed people and actually many people were making the same joke as the place looked untouched by time. My wife grabbed a big beer in a big plastic cup and off we went to our seats, our 3rd row floor seats.

Now that is were 2018 met 1981. 

The seats were amazing, right in front of Chrissie and the band but when I went sit in the good ol' Orpheum seats..well 6'4 220 lb me looked up at the seating section that I used to get all the time from Out of town tickets in Harvard sq. and laughed and looked to the memory of the younger me.

in 2018, I didn't fit : ) 

Now I am not obese, I am just very large as I work out a lot (martial arts) and my frame is much wider than the "restored" teeny tiny seats could squeeze in. It was truly funny. Anyway, luckily I had a aisle seat and managed a half on half off balancing act to be able to "sit" when needed.

So there I was at The Pretenders 3rd up front, older, wiser, deeper, a Master of martial arts now, and man who studied esoteric knowledge all over the world, a man (old) that cured the blind, a man who truly still lives the punk rock/new wave motto:  " Never accept the status quo" energy.

I looked over at the angel of my life, my beautiful wife Helena and Boston just melted away, all the haters that have shit on me after I gave endlessly of myself and helped them out, the backstabbers, liars, and thieves that I have encountered, all the stuck memories of the false  "friend"  who I went to countless shows with at the Orpheum with back in the new wave was magical, the energy just lifted and released. 

All the haters can now eat their own karmic shit ( and trust me, once I let it all go from my subconscious, they will be eating tons of it) , I was set free! 

I guess life hands you stages to conquer or allow you to be destroyed by and since the Orpheum was so strong in my youth, it must have held so much energy of my past (The kick in the ass to see the Pretenders came right after a meditation so something larger guided me to that location) and for whatever reason, it was time to flush all the liars, haters, false friends, users, away.

Then after that "small" event, Chrissie came out and rocked the shit out of the place!

She is still AMAZING....still sexy, still has that powerful velvet voice. When she sang " I'll stand by you" wife and I were locked in a cosmic/physical embrace, in tears...( her and I battled breast cancer all alone a couple of years ago) . It felt like Chrissie was singing directly to us ( Actually she was as she was right in front of us)....what a emotional night.

So I let a ton of energy go last night, tons of stuff I kept deep inside, stuff that kept me sobbing in my subconscious for so many years....thank you for last night Chrissie, it has been wayyyy to long.

B Collins The Rabid Monk®


Below is a photo of the "restored" condition of the Orpheum : ) and our view of the stage