Bass-ically speaking

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So here we go on a quasi spiritual ranting type rant.

I am sitting at my desk in my humble little home office, my office that practically NO ONE has ever been allowed in. Why? Because it is my vibe, my place, my temple, my area, my cave, my workstation, my prayer station , my power station.

Yup...No one gets in here ( except for one mistake I made a few years ago).

Recently, I have been up in the wee hours of the night once again doing spiritual work to shift certain energies for people and this jedi is indeed olderwiser and crankier. The job can be really draining and hard on the old body as the more you are open to the universe, well, the more you are open to the universe.

But today change came into my own life to say "Hi, this is the cosmos and in order for anything to change I need you to change again, so do you wanna change?".

So I allowed a new and ever growing closer friend of mine in to the " Rabid Monk Temple of Solitude" . No biggie right?  Let a new friend in? Sure, except the 19 year old me and a much older (ah hem) me just met in the astral plane and  said "huh"? to each other.

You see, I was hanging at home yesterday with Michael Devin, Who the fuck is Michael Devin you say?

He is the bass player for Whitesnake/Lynch Mob/ Jason Bonham...(etc). The 19 year old me, the super long haired sexy 1980's heavy metal rocker ( see the actual jaw dropping hot metal lust photo above) was leaning back saying "Shit, a guy from Whitesnake is hanging out at my house"..the older, bitter, cranky enlightened bastard, short haired guy ( me, now) said back to this kid " Yes, Michael is lucky to be there, he is indeed hanging with the Master". 

That S.O.B is Very lucky  

The amazing thing is ,we are actually forming a true brozilla friendship. One of mutual respect for our unique skillsets. I admire his musical talents, he admires my metaphysical and martial skills. I was laughing with him today and while shooting the shit about how old energies come up again and again, I had to tell him "You are not my first Italian/Irish bass player, be gentle with me".

Loosen the grip of the past

I then explained that I had an old friend so many years ago ( a very talented Irish/Italian bass player) that I aided endlessly and our friendship ceased because I didn't know how to say "no" to him when he asked for help. I gave so much of my energy out and tried to help him/his friends all the time, but I also forgot that real balance is a 2 way street and often sacrificed myself in the process for this person/his friends and as a result our friendship blew up and was scattered.

So that energy popped up again ( yup in the form of a Irish/Italian Bass player), except with Michael, he respects me enough to be honest at all times with me, showing me once again that a transmutation of the old into new is indeed possible. Post old friend, I spent years correcting my own energies to never allow myself to just be used for a battery again for people and when Michael and I Brozilla'd, it then came from a clean slate, a balanced state.

So the moral of this rant is to always look at yourself in the real time, in the now, in the moment.

•What is the real truth of what is happening currently for you?

We are all nothing but physical sums of all of the instances that have occurred in our lives and we all carry those memories within and effect the way we see ( and act in) the world. 

This shit doesn't need to be all quasi metaphysical or cultish new agey bullshit sounding, it sucks when the term "responsibility" is highjacked and turned into a four letter word by whackjobs. The concept of thought form to physical manifestation is very simple to comprehend: 

"If you shove past shit under the etheric carpet, you will get lumps, lumps that create a ridge, a ridge that then grows and grows as more unresolved shit gets shoved underneath. Eventually you will trip and fall over the speedbump of the past shit shoved under said carpet. So, be woke bitches to all actions......."

Are you willing to create new energies through action and spiritual ascension or do you have your feet up on a railing somewhere, relaxing in the limited perception of your "comfort" (denial) of all your own past actions?, unresolved actions that contribute to the butterfly effect of world imbalance?


So my bearded brozilla will soon be out there back on the road with David Coverdale and the whole Whitesnake gang and it may be many months till we actually physically see each other again, but the cosmos called for change and once again I answered the call and as a result, new roads were formed and the power of spiritual energy was experienced by many.

Brian Collins 'The Rabid Monk"


© 2018 Brian Collins