The Cosmic creation of The Rabid Monk

Aquarium Brian 70s.jpg

So, lemme tell you a story ( a very true story).

When I was a little Rabid guy running through the streets of South Boston Massachusetts (Southie) in the early 70's, I was a chubby red haired Irish Rabid Monk in the making, ready to accept a working class lifestyle like many of my family members had done.

You know, the settle for life mentality vs truly experiencing it.

When the cosmos came knocking, I was in a local grade school at the time up the street from my parents inner city housing project "home", walking to school daily through the lovely aroma of inner city urine, avoiding the rainbow mosaic of broken glass and trash that littered the streets and as each day passed I was slowly becoming another brick in the wall.

I was being formed and shaped as a statistic until the universe stepped in and shook the shit out of my spiritual snow globe.

While I sat in school one day, the door to my classroom opened and in the school principle entered to speak to my teacher. Then they both placed their gaze towards me. Remember that feeling of "Oh shit, what did I do?"....well it ramped up when the teacher said to me 'Brian, you have to go with the Principle"....I thought " Uh oh".

I was then whisked outside of the school and saw my parents waiting for me in front of a large mini van esq vehicle and we all proceeded to get (shoved into) in the van. I asked my dad "What is going on? He said that I was one of 4 kids picked to represent the city of Boston neighborhoods ( I was the red head from Southie) at the ground breaking of the New England Aquarium new expansion revamp. I had no idea what he meant and had no idea how that event would shape my life.

The van drove the 15 minute drive to the waterfront of Boston and we pulled up to a barrage of confusion and press. The PR people from the city of Boston were there along with the PR people from the Aquarium chatting, pointing and schmoozing. I was quickly shuttled over towards the 3 other children picked from all over the city.  One was a girl from Chinatown, One a girl from Brighton, myself and a young man from Roxbury.

Now mind you, I was wide eyed and knew nothing of the negative bs of world, I simply saw 3 other kids and proceeded to get to know them quickly and played around the varied displays that the Aquarium placed put for photo ops ( seals, etc). The whole set up was a "Rainbow Coalition" esq vibe to show Boston united ( Yeah, right), moving towards the future.

We would be breaking ground on the new Aquarium to symbolize youth breaking new ground for the future in Boston.

So we spent the day getting our photos taken and playing at the Aquarium. The very last shot was of all of 4 us ( the children) holding hands in front of the construction site, this photo was to shape my destiny and alter the lives of countless people all over the world. The next day, my life changed forever....

The event was in the Boston newspapers.

There we were all of us at the Aquarium and there was the innocent photo of all 4 of us kids holding hands. Except, I lived in the projects in South Boston, a very white, very racist area. Yup, there was the photo of me holding hands with a chinese girl and (gasp)...a black boy plastered in the newspaper.

One one fail swoop, I was then categorized as a the "N-Lover" in my neighborhood.

I won't say the word, but you know what "N" stands for.

I then was called "N" lover on my way to school, chased by gangs of kids that looked like extras from any video from the band the Cranberries, had bottles thrown at me and began to encounter massive violence because I held hands with a black child in a photo. It became so bad that I couldn't even leave my parents "house" ( only to go to school were I fought with people daily). I then began a cluster fuck of being transferred from school to school due to the violence and then a short while after, Boston erupted in mayhem with the forced busing movement and city went into constant turmoil.

I was then isolated even more after racism ran wild throughout the city. 

I remember one Saturday looking out the window of my small cement walled project bedroom and crying, asking the sky "why?". I couldn't understand why I was hated so much for simply holding hands with a person of another skin color. This Isolation then became my 1st teacher and my eyes and ears became open to this new troubled world in my solitude at a very young age.

Sure, I still fought every single day in school ( sometimes 2-3 times a day) people still hated me, the "N-Lover".. but I still sought the answer.

The answer to "why"?

Part of this negative change brought positive however and I began to study martial arts at 12 ( as a result of the endless violence I encountered). That study opened a new world to me, one that would lead me to study ( later in life) all over the world in a variety of martial/metaphysical spiritual/ teachers disciplines with many amazing sages. I unlocked wild abilities within myself and became a sought after healer and spiritual consultant with a very successful 25 year practice in Boston.

For those who think that my stories are just stories and I didn't do things like cure the blind at my Newbury Street office or actually perform any "miracles" for 25 years at my offices in Boston's Back Bay, I offer to review the photo above, that is all of us ( I am petting the seal in my cool as shit 70’s shirt). I don't bullshit about anything I tell you in my posts/podcasts/etc. This is indeed the little me that day with the other kids at the event and yes, it took me many, many years of study, but I did find out the reason "why" all shit happens.

So after viewing the photo, imagine for a second, that all that I share with you is real, all the info, my journey,  all the knowledge and abilities I have? You can now see that the cosmos truly decided my life for me at a very early age.

Imagine the chance for a true global energy shift?  

so to support me and share, spread, tell people my efforts in all ways possible is to support an incredible chance for the world, remember, I am not fucking bullshitting.




Brian Collins The Rabid Monk