You are at the gate clown, get off the plane


What is life? & what are people really about?

We all have this question and if you consider yourself "open" in any way to life, you will at sometime become a floorboard for all the negative energies in the world.

Why? Well on one level, I think that it has to do with the universe in motion and stuck in transfer vs transmute.

Is this BS justified in any manor? No, absolutely not. A person that cares will indeed at some point in time be really shit on for truly caring. The light bringers always seem to have the light switch flipped off by dominant actions/energies of the day and are subject to massive amount of douche baggery sent towards them.

The sad part about the clouding aspects of negative energy is that the actions on the parties that are performing them are so clogged with the blinding fury of justification that they cant even see the origins of the imbalances any longer , you know the point when they indeed turned into the very energy that they once opposed ( negativity). I have had MANY instances when this has happened in my life to the people I helped ( clients and friends). When my energy field shifted and I became whatever the hell it is I am today, I then saw the people around me see this power and just begin to try and take, take, take from me.

You have top walk a thin line of loving and not being the next one up on a cross and sacrificing yourself, if you allow the mob to win, I assure you they will indeed charge in and nail you up and watch you die.  Now should that image prevent you from giving a fuck about life and shifting the evil of the world? No, it should charge you up to give 2, 3, 4, 5 fucks ( and beyond).

Actions go beyond the simple " with thoughts you form reality" statement/bumpersticker to "with action you create the world".

Currently people are all caught up in changing a thought, etc.....sure, there are many wild meditative aspects that can happen within regarding changing dominant thoughts and the body is capable of interesting inner metaphysical levels ( if the seed planted within is from the truth, not from some manipulative bullshit) but the person soul searching, asking for the "why" should understand that the truth and all that is seen is like a diamond, shimmering with many facets and to also be careful to falsehoods attaching to these truths.

Now I dont say that to sound like some sort of a fucking Guru, No, I say that to explain that you should not over simplify or make the spiritual journey over complex in nature.

If you sway towards either energy you lose sight of the neutral aspect within, the part of you that allows yourself to learn new info and let go of old crap. There are TONS of abuse in the old religions and spiritual worlds, tons of people being lead right into a brick wall...that I cannot say anything about, I will simply say, look at this page here when you are done reading this blog.

The page is about me, it is about you?

I was you once, I was looking for the "all".....I went through  the fucking ringer with a ton of spiritual assholes,  so many "enlightened teachers" hurting, using and draining me of energy. Until one day, I realized in my tiny little office on the super chic Boston' s ultra trendy Newbury Street, after day after day after day after day of creating "miracles" (whatever the fuck that means) for clients that were blind to what was being given to them....that I had indeed arrived at the destination, my spiritual plane had indeed landed and was at the gate, but I was still waiting on board to disembark.

When I woke up from that flight, I realized all that I had gone through, all that I have done and it was indeed time to get off the plane.

Tons of people have sent me problems (energy) to take on from my Facebook page ( to which I am no longer going to be on) for free. The old me would have gone right up on that cross and said "Here you go! nail me right up! It is my pleasure to drain my energy for you, sure pile all your shit on me"...nope, fuck that.  The new me realizes that a person is responsible for all, including the self and if a person doesn't value me with the balance of exchange of payment for services then they miss the boat.  You don't get a salad or burger for free in a restaurant right? So why is a spiritual person supposed to be a pauper? It is time to shift that idea when something real is offered.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Transmute as: 

1: to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form

2: to subject (something, such as an element) to transmutation

Notice the descriptive "higher form"....when I was on the floor in agony at night vomiting into a toilet after taking on negative energy from clients that came in and paid for 1 problem but gave me 10 to solve for them I was not in a "higher form" , I was low. The very same clients would then have all the changes they desire manifest, would they then pay me for 9 other sessions? No, of course not. For people who will read this and say "They didnt know what they were doing", yes, yes they did. They could have helped me in many ways expand my business, get me exposure in magazines for my cartooning, aided me with getting a book deal, etc.

What I received was this actual quote " I dont want you to get too successful, if you do I WILL LOSE YOU"

The world needs me to be me, to teach life lessons without the attached fucking nonsense, to show people new possibilities without the brainwashing.....Yup, I am going to say fuck as I teach, I am going to say shit, I am going to tell it as it is. See this guy here? this is the real deal, sorry that you may not be able to understand or handle it....but it is the fucking truth. 

If you consider yourself "open" you will see the transmutation is part of my "secret", my ability to always ascend to a higher form, you will see that I have been through the ringer to show you how NOT to be put through the ringer. Your life is your life, I am not here to control it...I am here to say "Hey, check some of this wild shit out" and will do so, for a fee.



Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"