Sea of turds



So here we are, a world in turmoil swimming in an endless cycle of repetitive bs. 

So how does the the term "spiritual" fit into any of the absolute nonsense that we all encounter daily? well, first dump the term spiritual and all the ties that the word has to it.

Free the word from all the associated bullshit and allow yourself to look at the essence of the word itself, the energy of the connected letters. "Spiritual" pursuits do not need to be attached to all the historical abuses of religion or the past ties  to countless misguided wars fought in the name of some unknown power that represents "love".

Spiritual work is "inward" work, reflective work based on ones own thoughts and related actions based on those thoughts. Over the years, the energy of this introspective act has been shit on by whackjob after whackjob co-opting the term spiritual and combining it with "religious" ideologies and reducing the effectiveness of self discovery by relating a one on one connection of a persons idea of self to the endless group clusterfuck that the the practice of religion has caused on this planet.

Looking at the self is not a religion, it is a discovery of who you are, understanding your place on Earth/In the Cosmos and is not a religion or a cult or being "lost", it is the process of true individual enlightenment...the same enlightenment Jesus, Buddha and that whole gang spoke of.

That enlightenment may bring you to the understanding that " This is it when you die, you die,  that is all folks" or you may wind up seeing yourself ascend to a higher plane of existence as your body energy shifts in a new realm. The wonderful things is: who gives a shit what anyone thinks what you believe! it is your life to decide! You should not be bastardized for wanting to discover the great answer to it all...

When you find a discovery about yourself it is your discovery! enjoy it! 

Fuck external, always look within.

Now that is some deep spiritual shit huh?

Brian Collins " The Rabid Monk"