How many "likes" you got in Heaven?

So, its the holidays and I am going to fill up those glasses of cheer with this thought : We will all die someday ( Ooooh , how Smiths sounding).

When that happens, there is not 1 person who can truly tell you what transpires when we do. Sure there are some that have the ability to take a peek behind the curtain, but not one person can describe in detail what the “Final job interview at Deathmart” is actually like.

So let us say for just sayin’ purposes that you review your life when you kick, you get to see areas where you grew and areas where you were still a complete asshole. With that in mind, do you think for one second that projection of a false sense of self in a social media posts is a positive in regards to ones soul advancing?

Do you think that titled head sideways duck lip/open mouth “ooh hey” selfie face amounts to a good supply of cosmic mana?

I mean really sit back and see the ripple effect that photos like that can cause. A projection of a false sense of happiness on social media for what reason?

1-To be better than someone else?

2-To project a falsehood?

3-To lie to yourself about your own state of being?

4-To live some “perfect” life? ( whatever the fuck that is) in a virtual world?

If all these people who were on a “quest” to send out the fake aura to the world actually looked at themselves through a “soul lens” they would see what kind of lies that the subconscious is carrying around, what an immense weight it was and could see that how these inner falsehoods can cause more bullshit IRL. That act would be a step towards self discovery, to begin to unlock the truth of the self and awaken the soul to the tremendous burden of carrying around tons and tons of old bullshit.

The difference between the good old go to self help statement of “letting go” and the statement of “unlocking the truth of the self”, is simple :

1- To “let go” without inner resolution will surely reward a person another bout of karmic repetition energy

2- Unlocking the truth of the self involves an awakening to old worn out accepted energy patterns (old chi) and how this act relates to ones life and soul progression


This blog post swimming in the middle of the ocean that is the internet doesn’t amount to shit unless a person can see the validity of a lifetime of study, service and sacrifice. When I speak of all this new age shit, I do so from a perspective of a person who has used all these concepts professionally for 25 years.

Yup, I used all this “out there” stuff to shift and change the lives of countless people in Boston ( see here)…if I didnt get results doing so, then I wouldn’t have continued to have a business. So, before you say “all that stuff is shit ” in your mind, think again….

Why think again?

Because those “thoughts of that stuff is shit” ….is some of the stuff you will be reviewing when you kick it, reflect now, cause when you go, that aint the time to say “Ahhh, errrr, but that Rabid Monk guy just seemed like an asshole”…

Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk