Tis the season to know yourself

So, here we are again….

one more year passed and the Christmas carols/Hanukkah songs are in the air.

Soon to be followed with the standard New Years auditory “ new year new you” brainwashing. If I sound like a jaded asshole, I am not, I am however constantly observing energy patterns and the head in spiritual sand mentality.

Each year people pass through life without the concept of the totality of their own experience, how they fit into making the change that they seek. An individual may want a better world, but does nothing to make that world happen or if they do attempt to do anything, the gesture has so many caveats attached that the actual progression of the spiritual attempt is washed over by the tsunami of ones own repetitive old bullshit and demand energy.

But people can still put on holiday songs and pretend, until the family comes over and well, all the old unresolved energies start firing up again and kablammo! holiday shit storm!

It is important to finally wake the fuck up

Life progresses forward even for those who remain complacent in taking any action into discovering the self. Other forces are at work that are much more focused: political parties, corporations, hate groups. etheric realms…all will make your choices for you if you do not decide to become introspective and delve deeper into the why of life.

Doing this is much more difficult than simply bending in half like a pretzel in yoga and then saying “you are spiritual”. It is much more difficult than “getting away to reset” at some $$$$ spa that feeds your need for superiority and disconnect, more than having a big ass crystal in your house.

I am not saying that the above are not valid in some form, but people often lose the sight of the horizon and have that sight filled with projections of realities formed by endless amounts of marketing and manipulation.

For instance: How many people you know that practice Yoga are Hindus?

Did you know that yoga is a part of that religion?

That is like someone who is not Catholic walking into a Catholic church and saying “Yo! hit me up with one of those cookie things and a splash of wine, I need to repent quickly” doing Yoga without being a Hindu is kind of like doing Tai Chi Chuan on Cocaine….( sort of).

Global practices are often assimilated into our culture without a deeper understanding of the totality of ones actions. The research on the history of said practice ( whatever it is) is often overshadowed by marketing buzz words “Do chanting to reduce bodyfat” or “ Downward dog helped social media star plump her lips”…just ploys to manipulate.


Many years ago I helped a very well known Chef. This person would come to my former studio and often break down in tears from the stress of the job. This person had a ton of unresolved anger inside which often lead to volcanic explosions of tears and emotion.

This person then became pissed when I opened my 2nd location and offered yoga classes. They actually screamed at me and said “You told me NOT to do Yoga and now you are offering it! you are a hypocrite!”

I told this person, “I told you not to do Yoga because much of the emphasis on yoga is leading energy up the spine to the head, you already have way too much going on up there, currently you need to bring energy down from the head to the feet and that is why I made the suggestion, as a protection for you”.

They then quit my studio vs actually hearing how much I did care, they forgot all the miracles I did for them, all the help I provided and simply went for a swim in the pool of explosive reaction.

This is just 1 instance of on the idea of something becomes bond, how one concept becomes the go to based upon the telephone game effect. A person is trained to hear one thing and they simply follow without knowing anything about what they are told to follow.

So how do I wrap this happy blog post?

I wrap it up by telling you that you have the ability to know yourself and thus know all.

ALL starts with your own energy 1st…..you have to take the time to look within to see what energies are dominant within you.

This is hard because people truly bullshit themselves into a corner in this selfie duck lip world of false happiness…many are so “spiritually photoshopped” that they have no idea who they are inside. Who knows? maybe I will get off my ass and begin to show people how to do this, show people how I performed all those miracles for 25 years at my former office in Boston ( sans connection to anything but the self).

If you read this and would like me to do so in 2019, then make a comment below……. be a part of the change the world seeks, take action, make a comment ( ooooh how difficult to do).

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk