That Guy

My former healing office pre treatment sitting area, check out the 90’s huge ass monitor!

My former healing office pre treatment sitting area, check out the 90’s huge ass monitor!

“Time is fleeting” as they sing out in the wonderful film Rocky Horror.

Time is indeed fleeting, but repetition is not, it is a constant unless modified..

It doesn’t take living in a cave crossed legged with your head up your ass in deep meditation for 20 years to see in this concept of reality is indeed the truth.

There are so many facets to this concept however and overthinking will truly place your thoughts in a whirlwind if you try and grasp the this idea as “one” point to solve situations. The concept of changing reality through thought and action is what the basis of prayer and religion is all about, it is what the inner work of mindfulness is about, it is even what an atheist believes.

We all strive to live in some utopia where skin color, gender, sexual choice, financial classifications all are things of the past…..( well some of us strive, many still want a sheep slave race). This is issue with “thought creation reality” is that while possible, it is often so confusing for the “producer” of this reality. How do I know this to be true?

I was the producer of countless miracles for 25 years at my practice in Boston.

I sat in my humble office day after day changing lives through my deep meditative state and energy field. Now you may read that statement and call me a moonbeam or a woo woo but it is indeed the truth, I could honestly give a fuck less what anyone thinks about me, never have, never will. For a long time I tried to get people to respect my abilities, see my abilities for what they were and how they could truly help the world. I realized one day a few years ago that the world was stuck in a massive cycle of repetition, playing out skipping records of history over and over again.

Same old historical actions and events just play out with new violent toys, over and over. I finally saw a bit back that no one cares to help outside of their comfort zone and base all change on how it can help them vs unconditionally aiding the world to shift humanity and moving the collective conscious a notch forward.

At my humble little office in Boston’s Back Bay ( see photo above), I used my mind, breath and energy to cure the blind, cure migraines with a touch, reverse years of incurable lower back pain, reverse infertility, end bi polar disorders, etc etc. I was given the reputation of being “that guy”, the secret healing source for many of the nations “upper class”. This group would often see me for a variety of ills but would never make connections to recommend me to others to spread the word of the amazing things being done in a little room…they would keep me all to themselves! One client actually said this quote to me : “ We dont want you to get too successful because then we would lose our time slot with you”.

They saw and experienced the miracles , but wanted to keep that energy for themselves ( after all they were the “elite”)…..some promised me connections to Oprah (for national exposure), promised me business deals, promised me book deals… anything to continue get the attention/energy from me but when it came to delivering on the promises made? well then the private jet took quickly off an flew them back down to Florida for the winter till they needed me again in the spring when they returned and “forgot” that they ever made promises of connections upon the return to Boston and they did this again and again.

So this cycle of repetition is exactly why we are in the cluster fuck that we are all swimming in…this lack of care for the totality of the human experience is the reason why repetition continues to be the constant energy. “New” is multi dimensional, while “Repetition” is the shit soup vibratory state we are all currently swimming in based upon actions creating reality and that reality then feeds repetition which feeds reality, which feeds….well, you get the point.

When I changed reality for people I did so with laser focus on the one subject at a time (energy) and would often tell people, that in my work I walk down a hallway with many doors and can only enter one doorway a time (people would dump tons of shit on me at once and DEMAND change for all)…they often became pissed at me because HOW DARE a “lower class” working person like myself ( and gasp! a south boston Irishman) not do everything that they say? One man told me that his wife was allowed to berate and insult me because “the customer was always right”.

Ahhhhhhh, NO….

It is sad that when you hold a possibility for the world, that you have endure countless fucktards trying to rip you to pieces.

It was a long journey and I paid the price with my health both physically and mentally. I helped clients that drained and lied to me, I helped out old “friends” that inserted knives in my back, I aided spiritual teachers with Earth changing events to be then sacrificed and tossed away…until one day, I said “fuck this” and decided to break this pattern, modify the reality I was experiencing and walk back into the arms of the energy of not knowing, back to the energy of “what is next Boss” vs continuing to feed and strengthen repetitive energies.

Doing so at 50+ can be a scary venture if you let it, but the same source that guided me to create endless miracles in a little office in Boston’s Back Bay still guides and shines bright within me. I am still “that man”…..I am Brian Collins The Rabid Monk® and that miracle inducing energy?

Well I do whatever the fuck I want do do with with it now.