Ener-gee it seems to a weird world

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So when you breathe, you breathe in energy….

and when you do yoga, you move prana energy, when you do chi gong, you tap into cosmic energy, exercise and movement for japan? well then you tap in ki energy, in hawai’i? mana vibes...( to name a few locations/types).

All cultures have the regional language descriptive of the word “energy” and unique specific historical practices that access a etheric source of power based upon the specific location. All have a unique “movements/meditation recipes” that tap into the specific frequency of said location ( think of dialing a radio to a certain station).

Well that is just super swell…but guess what people?

Historical traditions are great, but none of the great adepts in caves, none of the swamis, gurus, kahunas or sifus during their inner quests of the past ever had to deal with the internet and 4-5g signals.

Are you aware that all the bullshit of the internet is being broadcast through YOU right now as you read this post?

Yup, the happy puppy videos and the wild and whacky dark web…all zipping through you right now in the form of a signal that broadcasts in the ranges of 700 MHz, 1700-2100 MHz1900MHz and 2500-2700 MHz….

Broadcast right through you!

Yuppers! that is also a part of that “energy” that you are trying to use to calm down and settle your nerves with. All the porn, all the news, all the bullshit ass selfies from “Hollywood stars”, the photos of war, the photos of dolphins, sunsets, pizzas and bloodshed are all being broadcast through every cell in in your body 24/7.

Now before you yell at me for bringing you this truth ( and trust me human consciousness just loveeeeeees to gang up and blame a truth bringer) how about stepping back and realizing that this is a true fact?

So what do you do then?

Well the 1st step is to realize that this fact above is the simple truth, to understand that the “unseen” exists ( on many levels) and that you need not have a tin foil hat on to have your awareness raised to the point that you begin to expand your thoughts past the accepted norms.

The danger that arises in a human beings reality ( due to addictive qualities of our minds) is that people often take things to extremes :

•If 1 piece of cake is good then 3 is great!

•Why only watch 1 episode of a show when you can BINGE watch?

•Frequencies are all around us you say? then shit! I should cover my whole house in tinfoil and smear ketchup on my hands and feet to protect my chi!

Consciousness expansion is like a sitting in a hot bath, just ease your ass in to new understandings and submerge yourself slowly, but remember once your butt is in, it is in. Ascension doesn’t have to be so fucked up or the subject of ridicule ( though it it often is due to the current mob/gang/tribe level of evolution).

No need take things to extreme, but you do need to release the mind grip that has clenched your thoughts tighter than a butthole that just ate the new laxative encrusted pork belly surprise at the local bearded hipster beanie gastro pub.

When you open up to what is all around, you will also understand ( not simply see, understand) that signals/frequencies are not only going THROUGH you, but that you can also broadcast FROM you as well.

More info to come

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk

©2018 Brian Collins