Photo: john cameron

Photo: john cameron

Well holy sheep shit on a stick, sure looks like the world that we know is now rapidly changing (not for the better) daily.

It really looks like that all the warnings that were given ( and ignored) to society are now just dusty things of the past as a new reality is quickly being formed. I just read a story that 2/3 of all animals will be gone by 2020 if people do nothing to address behaviors that cause global imbalances

On top of that fucked up fact, that the coral systems in the sea will soon be gone as well. It sure seems that that humans have their heads so far so far up their own asses that they now are able to see out of their mouth.

So, what do you think will happen to society of we lose so many links in the chain of balance? I mean look at all we have now and we are soooooooooo nice to each other, right?

The really shitty thing is this foolishness is ALL caused by thoughts.

I know you may think that is new age flip flop spicy hotwing horseplop, but NOTHING on Earth manifests until a single thought is planted in the soil of reality.

Chanting, praying. wearing tight pants and doing stretches on a exercise mat are great, but the deeper reality to creating real change is addressing the origins of thought in the human mind and connection to the cosmos and NOT via a meme on the internet.

To ignore mass torch carrying mobs causing/creating hate, violence and death, to ignore victims of sexual violence, to turn a blind eye to the absolute racism in our country is to sit and watch the world fall to pieces. History will repeat itself again and again if allowed: massive ethnic cleansing, global destruction, empires falling, famine, all are a part of Earth’s history and are a ticking time bomb ready to repeat if allowed.

And some ( most) of these shitstorm events began with a single thought ( you need the thought of gathering a group to organize a march, you need a thought of greed to be greedy, you need a thought of thinking you are superior to another race to have racism, etc)….. that then energy attracted and created more of the same negativity and reality was then set in motion (again).

If humans do not wake up to quantum entanglement as a guide to spiritual change and connectivity to the universe then all the old energies that are currently ready to blossom, will be in full bloom again soon and history WILL indeed repeat itself on a scale never seen before ( due to current numbers of the world population).


A person has to be willing to look at the self and say “What cosmic ripples am I creating?”….we can all use our talents and gifts to lift the needle to play a new song, but all this bullshit has to be addressed.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk