Equity and Karma


Being spiritual or wanting to peek behind the curtain of reality can be a tough road to travel.

The status quo of "what is" is often so ingrained in ones conscious mind, it takes monumental amounts of energy to shift the clamped down grip of embedded thought.

But that fact does not mean that it isn't worth trying and accomplishing in ones lifetime. Why? Because you owe it to yourself and to your ancestors ( family, etc) to improve upon yourself and your world by being a part of a bigger picture , one that expands past accepted  "reality". Karma can be a bitch and people think because they are traveling through time and space daily in a pattern that it wont sneak up on them, they become complacent to a much bigger picture that constantly unfolds.

Each deed that you perform , each truth ( or lie) you tell builds or removes karmic equity.

This equity ( security, safety, health, etc) however also can be added or subtracted from those you love as a direct result of your actions and behaviors as you are linked to all of your ancestors. For 23 years, I showed people daily the wonder of energy and how reality can be shifted. Many people then wanted me to constantly shift and add to their equity, constantly adding onto their lives without wanting to make any sort of personal changes on their parts.

This expectation energy builds a rough wave of karma and a person will then bury their heads in the sand about their own actions and responsibilities. The equity you have built from your past actions will return to you and yours, it may come in many forms but it will return.  I met many people that wanted me to be miserable after I made them happy, they did all that they could to destroy my world while smiling at me. This behavior was always foreign to me as in my core I represent God, a power of love that made all the changes occur in my office for 23 years, I never could understand why people wanted to bullshit me all the time.

Point to look at time:

So when you think that you have moved on from being an ass, karma will remind you that your true equity isn't what you thought it was. You want to be a chief operating office of your life and repair all past deeds and negative energies that you may have manifested or the vibration that you created will rebound back to you and yours. Remember this quote below, with emphasis on the word "changed".

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein

Change the past negativity that you may have created, sometimes a dramatic wake up call is needed to wake people out a bullshit infused slumber, hmmmmmm, is this blog post your equity phone ringing?


Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins



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