Door close

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Well, here we are.

Let me tell you a vague story ( but a true story). - I want to keep it somewhat vague because I dont want to mention real names.

Many , many years ago in the early 90's I was involved with a group that did some pretty special metaphysical practices.

Within any such group, there were the "Masters" (burp) and the "students". I was a "student" at the time. During my studies, I traveled all around the world with this group, performing some amazing feats and learning a lot about myself along the way. At many of the gatherings, I would always make sure to take care of fellow students, make sure they had rides, including them in any additional local plans that may be transpiring at whatever location we were currently in. I spent a lot of my own money doing so but I felt the need for a unified experience of love for all.

As time ticked by, the head honcho began to see that I had true ability and semi considered me a friend to him. At one specific location ( New Mexico) I bumped into him one morning as we both were out for a morning stroll preparing the energy of the area for the mornings class. He asked me what types of energy I saw on the earth near the location and I told him what I viewed. Now mind you, this man was much older and had been doing this practice for quite sometime....he said, "Hmmm, that is exactly what I see as well". Then this version of Thor's hammer came out of his mouth, he said to me " You know, I should be studying with you. Do you know how much ability you truly have? You dont know yet what you can do for the planet, I have never seen a person with your abilities in my lifetime."

Now I was really confused at that What? Huh? He was the Big Wig old Master!

I knew I helped many, many, many people with many "miracles" at my practice at my office in Boston, I knew I had weird abilities to "see" weird energies, but I was shocked when this big Kahuna said to me that my abilities were even greater than his. Time ticked by and the years added up and my abilities further expanded to new heights. All the while I began to see a shift in the overall vibe of the organization I was with. The teacher had many people that began to suck up to him over the years, play to his ego and slowly alter the overall mission/direction of the "spiritual job".

I had deep feeling that my path was soon going to be my own and this stage in my life was coming to a close.

While in Washington DC at one meeting, I was sitting enjoying my breakfast with my wife at a small outside cafe near the area the training was located in. A fellow "student" was walking down the street and we asked her to sit and have coffee with us. I told her at this meeting that she was going to be traveling a lot and that the oncoming years will be very different for her. Mind you, she was one of the people that were sucking up to the teacher and she often exhibited a strong dislike for my wife and myself. She responded " Well I dont think I will be traveling, so I dont know what you are talking about".

A short while after we ended breakfast and prepared to go to the morning class and went back to our hotel room to freshen up. On the way back to the class after doing so we were walking down the hallway to the conference room and locked eyes with the women we just had coffee with. She was about 10 feet in front of us as we made our way to the room. She saw us coming up behind her and instead of holding the door open and expressing love, she walked in and allowed the door to slam in our faces as we neared crossing the threshold. 

I laughed out loud in the hallway at her action.

In that the moment, I realized the message, the door slamming, her negative attitude, the future of the direction of the organization and most importantly the very essence of the message of the organization was to always change. So my wife and I then decided to move on as the professed "love" element vibe of the organization in the past was quickly being replaced by something else and the door slam energy was not who we were.

It is very tough to break old cycles and become the Master that was "foreseen"  but it was time.

My old teacher was indeed correct about me and my journey and well it then continued on to be one of absolute love. A bit later on while taking my staff to D.C for a few day vacation get away ( yup still caring for people, see above photo) , We had a wonderful tour of the US Capitol Building as a honored guest of certain Senator from Hawai'i . The photo above was taken at the Senators desk in the his office with my former employees ( faces blocked for privacy, except for the amazing woman holding my shoulder, that is my boss, my Queen bee and my heart, my wife Helena). The Senators assistant said to me " I know you moved on from the group ( she studied as well) can you please continue to simply be you and continue to create waves of peace?"...I said "Of course I will, someone has to".

So remember, when lied to to ( door slam), when cheated ( door slam)...always remember one thing:

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us".

Alexander Graham Bell


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk



The woman I spoke to at breakfast in DC? yes, she is indeed traveling all over the world now, hmmmm, how about that?