UFO's and you

So, there seems to be a ton of recent UFO stuff in the news.

If you are not a UFO person that chances are you could give 2 shits less about it.

If you area UFO person, then you are probably very happy that you have had some sort of validation that you are not nuts.  Me? well I am a UFO person with one caveat, I am embarrassed.

Not by the fact that I believe in life outside of our planet, but how our planet is represented by its inhabitants. If you speak of UFO's, you are labeled a nut job or thought of being a tinfoil hat wearer. Yup, makes so much sense that a person can look up towards the galaxy and see hundred zillions of stars and think "Oh yeah, we are are all alone".

The thing that flips my pancakes is the fact that people on earth are dicks.

We a but few steps away from the club swinging pre historic cro magnons by the way we act spiritually towards each other and to our home planet. Imagine beings millions of years ahead of us coming to our world, looking at the way we are divided by race, by sex , by the way we treat the very place that sustains our lives.

Look at our world from the alien perspective, as humans we basically live in a home and shit on the floor and then ask "Why does it smell like shit in here?". They ( The aliens)  must look at us and say "Wow, what a bunch of cosmic dopes" ( though I am not sure why they have so much fascination with our anal canals, but ( no pun intended) it is what it is, I guess even after zillions of years of evolution, festishes are still a thing).

If in my lifetime if we do acquire first contact, I hope that they are able to scan our conscious minds to discover the truly amazing people on earth. There are some on the planet that are kind, pure of heart and cosmically honest, I am married to one of them and I try to be like her every single day so I hope some of it rubs off when Zorg of Zeta Reticuli comes knocking.

Speaking of that, the new t shirt design below came from my idea of our planet being the stop over for a UFO refuel and an alien parent telling their kids to lock the doors as they are nearing earth, the bad neighborhood.


Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins