Good vs Evil..shift it finally through collective support

Well, looky looky old energy pops up to be resolved... 

I created a bunch of new funny UFO T shirt designs and 6 people left my facebook page when I posted the news.... get them over at amazon

Funny, I then reviewed all the private messages I have received on the Rabid Monk FB page over the last 4 years. All the people who asked for my help or guidance . So many people asked me to help them, yet no one who asked me to help them offered my anything in return for my efforts or purchased a t shirt of mine to show support.

All was good when I was a battery for FB strangers, trying to spread my brand while my former "business partner" sat and saw me pulled like salt water taffy from all sides as a result of my trying to aid everyone who asked me to do so, all the while I was running back and forth to NYC to work on a possible TV show, and aiding script writers write my life story for a movie that was going to be made about me, going to L.A for movie meetings, designing the t shirts designs, writing books, writing online programs...etc ( you get the picture).

He ( the former  "partner") is long since gone and I am slowly picking up the pieces of a very wasted 3 years with him where I was just a healing battery for all the complaints of his life.

It is sad and yet very enlightening that many of the very people who I have aided for 23 years, still do not see the error of their ways when it comes to the way they have treated me. Some have the ability to aid me with spreading my brand but choose not to, why should they right? They received the miracles that they wanted from me so who really gives a shit about me then, right?

The very people who came to me because of my abilities, because of my connection to God ( or whatever you want to call it)..."got what they wanted" but when it comes to helping me? well people always denied the connection and turned away when the time came to acknowledge and help me ....sound familiar ( see the Bible) ?

I can do wonders ( and have see here , but I cant do all...I can only do what my given talents are, even I need help from people with other skill sets.

This is why the world is so shitty.

Every single thing I do is done for a spiritual reason, I have long since given up any fucks trying to convince people of my mission or duty. All that I have said that was going to happen, has happened and yet people forget that "small" fact. Just because I do not fit the mold of past sages, doesn't mean that my spiritual energy isn't what is correct for the timeframe we are all in.

The world needs me to be able to be me...

Trust me, I am not bullshitting and yes, before you judge this blog posts and say " You are not even or balanced" ...I am , I just approach it in a RABID WAY....hence the nickname.

Recently Facebook has whacked small business pages in the balls and below is a post I made on my FB page...


Hi All,

Not sure if you know about the upcoming changes with the Facebook Algorithm, but they will be massive.

Facebook over the years has sold an idea to small business pages like mine to purchase ads to spread the word to attract followers and build a brand. So in my foolishness I trusted them and spent $ to do so.

Over the past few years, I have made endless posts, drawn cartoons to make you smile and add positive energy to your days, and spread some of my 40 years of metaphysical study and knowledge.

Now Facebook is going to limit who sees posts and basically squeeze the little guy out due this whole fake news crap. I am not fake news, I am small brand, a small business in America.

I am brand that spent $ to get FB followers and now FB will not post any of my posts to you the fans/potential customers.

To me this is blatant bait and switch ( purchase ads to get followers and then your followers will not see your posts because FB doesn't distribute them to the followers that you paid $ to obtain). I see a much bigger picture unfolding where the "little guy" energy is being crushed, so I am not sure if you will get any of my posts soon ( or even see this one).

I am selling T Shirts to keep my costs down and to get a chance to spread out my other talents to you all ( all the knowledge I have of healing, meditation and energy) by allowing the t shirts sales to finance my other endeavors ( online learning courses/books/etc).

So I need you the Rabid Monk fans to now spread the word of my page, so sign up for my email list and I will then know that my posts will indeed get to you....the time is now as I may be soon lost out in Facebook Algorithm land.

If you believe in good energy, collective action, and a guy (me) that that can ( and has changed the world) then spread the word of the Rabid Monk's email sign up list.....I dont mean to get all serious, but I just found out about this FB crappola the other day and felt that I should post this before big brother/big business shits on the little guy.

You can sign up for my email list right on the FB page....

Good vs Evil...the battle continues.

Thank you



Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins


ps you can click below to get the new UFO designs from AMAZON and support my efforts..

Click for a Pink Floyd song  about a collective conscious connection...enjoy xo

Brian Collins