The inner child 2017

Let me tell you a story, a story that is not a tale but an actual event.

Many years ago in a life that seems light years away, I was a teacher of a sacred method of special spiritual practices from Hawai'i. My wife and I were teaching a class in Boston and the night before the class, I sat and meditated and prepared for the class and students .

You dont know me from a hole in the wall or only know me from my cartoons and silly let me tell you, I dont bullshit and when I do something, I give it my fucking all. So when I say I was a teacher, I was a teacher, a sage, a person that did more than you could possibly imagine to help change this world through accepting responsibility. I was known for being a "Jedi" a 'Rabid Monk" a person that busted his fucking ass to acquire an enlightened state with ascended energy.

My life story may never be told ( who knows) but I will say, I did take on something horrible years back and actually gave my life at one point for the world and well, evil didnt win, I came back to continue this fucked up mission....yes, I am not bullshitting. preparation for the class, I was in deep , deep, DEEP meditation and was given a chance to see the next days events the night before. One event was a small child was to arrive unexpectedly in class and that child would help to shift the energy of the world for one moment in time. I saw the child's tears act as a cleansing agent as soon as they hit the ground and I was in awe of what I was seeing in my minds eye.

I wont get into actual specifics, but this child did cry during one of the days events...a magical moment actually where the baby had the whole room in her hand for a period and then just released 5 seconds of quiet tears....that fell on the floor.

The song I also heard in my mind that night in deep meditation follows this post, so if you feel guided, tune into the power of hope for children and listen to the tune, the vibration is still strong with the song so dont be an asshole and judge the song or of all days we need to look at the inner child , the creative child, the hope of the future, the pure connection to God.

That special energy is currently under attack by some heavy, dark forces.....we all have an inner child, we all have the connection to reverse evil #dreamers #maca

The Rabid Monk


The next day while checking people in for class, a woman came over to me and said "I did not preregister my child for class, can I please register her, you dont mind that is she is a small child do you?" (As I wrote that line, tears flooded my eyes).....I said " It will be my pleasure to register her"


"One united world, under God"