Howdy Pete, care for your I.D. back?


Wars within silently rage and boil.

The external act of war itself is the key to spiritual progression, but what exactly is war?

How does this internal war manifest to the external ?

War within the concepts of the internal selves manifest externally after a persons subconscious "just cannot take it anymore" and allows the turmoil to go from thought to one of a externalized reality. This reality takes shape in the form of actions based on the varied unchecked, unresolved emotions that have to be released (actualized) in some physical manor. The most common manifestation of these emotions are used in war for mass destruction (forcing of opinion)  is a missile.

 Hmmmm, you never saw a missile shaped like a vagina have you?  Nope, a 100% aggressive cock rocket shoots off the war sperm of unresolved issues of control and male dominance on its "target". 

Now let me also say, I have been practicing martial arts my entire life ( started at 12). So for the past 40 years, I have been involved in a "fighting" right? so who am I to talk about "peace" when I studied so many fighting forms and outwardly practice male aggression? Well for me, it is different. You see, when I was 18 it was all about the jump spinning crescent kick ( think David Lee Roth in Van Halen videos). Then as I matured, my study shifted and I saw martial arts as a way to walk away from a fight, a way to not engage. Sure it took me a long time to get there, but as an old fart, I now see that the energy of combat can be resolved within in many ways and to only allow the physical dominant combat energy to surface makes a person instantly "lose" a fight.

I will no longer be egged on to raise my hands or feet, sure, I will simply solve the equation should the instance get that far, but if it does in fact turn to blows then I have failed all my other metaphysical tools by allowing outward aggression to win over not only myself but the other party ( or parties involved).

I will explain it better in this true story:

My wife and I lived in a small apartment in Boston's Back Bay after we first were married. It was an odd set up with the bedroom located in the old coal cellar and the main living area accessible through a trap door that you climbed up from the coal cellar to get the 1st floor. It sounds wild, it was. Anywho, one night while we were sleeping, a man tried to break in to the downstairs bedroom window while we slept. Now if an ant farts, I am awake, it is just part of my training.

So I was up and out the door to confront this clown.

When I made it outside of course he was gone, but when I climbed into the bushes in front of our bedroom window...I saw our unwanted guest left his bag and wallet. So I figured that our pal ( I will call him Pete) was going to be back to pick up the tools of his trade. So I then laid down and waited in the bushes for him. Sure enough about 25 minutes later he came snaking back to get his belongings. Boy was he surprised to see me.....mind you, I am 6'4 and about 220lbs, but I think that he was really surprised when I said " Oh Hi Pete!". He was in his late 40's early 50's (This was in 1993). I will condense the story to say he was getting very aggressive with me and my wife was looking at me through the window of our apartment while she was on the phone with the police.

 "Pete" was getting very  heated and began to get nervous about getting caught. He began to threaten to kill me and told me he killed before. I watched his breathing and body position, visually checked him to see if he had a blade or gun, he didnt. He then told me he was in Vietnam and killed and will do so again and demanded his items from me. Now I didn't want to get in a scrap with this man, at the time I was training 6 days a week in Filipino Martial Arts and ( a knife/weapon/empty hand system of combat based fighting geared for the military)  I truly desired to go in the other direction of resolution without violence vs accessing my own once aggressive qualities.

I watched him get short of breath and ready to make his move.

So just before he lunged at me....I said "Pete! You were in Nam?" He said "YEAH I WAS IN FUCKING NAM!"  I then said " I lost my older brother in Da Nang, I was just a little kid when it happened, I never really knew him, I only have photos of him" He then stopped and a wave of emotion came over him, he fell to the ground and he began to cry and tell me how he lost so many friends. A few moments later the police showed up and asked me if I wanted to press charges......I said " No, please just take him to a shelter and get him some help".

I then went back into my apartment and upon entering, I told her the story. She said it looked like you knocked him down without touching him. I said "I did". She said "I didnt know you lost a brother in Vietnam, why didn't you ever tell me?. I said "Because I didn't lose a brother". You see, I saw the hidden inner energy layers of "Pete" ones that caused him much anger and sadness. I chose to access the energy of his memory of his sadness to bring him down vs the violence of hand to hand combat. His subconscious became overwhelmed by the flood of memories and instead of anger, his body produced sadness and tears and as a result, his energy dropped to the ground.

There are many ways to solve a encounter.

The same applies with reality itself as there are many energies that are responsible for the creation of "what is" and a person can truly change what they see around them. It all starts within 1st, if I was the same ol' scrapper that wanted to kick as high as David Lee Roth, then I would have engaged the combat with Pete. If you can find the void, that placeless place where silence speaks louder than words within then you can tap into the akashic records, the superconscious, the ID and access a power that goes wayyyyyyyyyy beyond what was, you tap into a power that can create.....what can be.

This is food for though for 2018.....people want the world to change but want to stay the same doesn't work like that, if you want change, you have to change as well. Sure other situations can aid you, but if you simply want to continue your patterns how the hell can anything else shift?

Have you treated someone bad? Change it.

Not lived up to your word? Change it.

Want to expand your spiritual nature? Change it.

Want to be a part of the bigger picture? Change who you are inside that makes you feel angry, sad, addicted, etc. 


©2017/2018 Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk®"