House Divided

A house divided cannot stand....

So, this past summer gave me an unexpected backache as a result of a fall off a large boulder in a gorge near my home...but I wont get all whiny, I will just say back pain /recovery blows. That followed up by a nasty as crap gypsy moth invasion of biblical proportions sure made it for one in sittin' doors summah'.    :  (

What got me to tempt some lingering back pain fate by sitting at this computer to write this blog quickie was a story I heard the other day regarding rental/home ( through the roof) prices in a recently revamped area of my old home town of South Boston.

Zillions of dollars went into redoing the new "Seaport" section of Boston ( still located in good ol' South Boston watahh-front (Southie-NOT SOBO) no matter what you presently want to call it. 

Years back, I lived in a very cool loft esq condo in the "rough" section of Southie, in a rehabbed schoolhouse with 30 ft ceilings and asian esq good chi producing style ( designed by me). Right down the street from my wife and I was the the "D" street housing projects, a very tough area full of drugs and crime. When the projects were being rehabbed, they knocked down a major section of them to put up new sections of the projects and at that time I saw a great chance to reset the area of old energy.

So on Saturday mornings, I would go out very early and sit in the new vacant lot with my hands in the dirt. Why? to pick up on past energies and transmute them so that the area and future residents woudln't suffer as much as past residents did when Irish mobster Whitey Bulger was around ( My youth).

Now if you could imagine the looks that I received from local "Southie" peeps, " Look as dis facking jerk  playin' in the dirt".....but I didnt care, I was doing God's work...I still don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of me and do the same things now. But back then, I sat, did what I do ( using the very same methods I used to cure the blind and all the other miracles at my former office on Newbury Street in Boston).

Anyway, I have since moved on from my old loft home and Southie then went through the roof in regards to prosperity as the whole energy of the area being shifted.

What is the lesson? 

Well let me tell you, I did what I said I was going to do ( sitting in the dirt to transmute old energies).....and that for many people is difficult to do ( doing what they say they will) , but it is indeed the secret to life. I personally know many people who told me one thing and did another because they are trapped within the fires that they set for the inner child , the fires set within their own homes ( minds),  the fires that that cause endless amounts of self induced anxiety to create attention and validity.

I know of one person who continued to BS me over and over and who recently lost out on millions of dollars because he couldn't get out of his own way and his past energies. As losing out on the millions, he is now probably going to access blame or access the power of self induced torture to further flame his inner fires. The energy pattern of disappointment creates and feeds the reality he creates by not doing what he said he was going to do, which causes him to create disappointment , which leads to non action......a truly vicious cycle.

All actions create a reaction......sounds like fucking cliche bullshit but it is really the truth. 

You can reset your life, you can repair things that happened in the past, but you need to do what you say. If you effect your life course by repeated lack of action that is one thing, but if your lack of action effects someone else's life?

Well that can be some very nasty expensive karma and that energy (like the energy contained in the project dirt) can be passed on from generation to generation unless someone is willing to sit and transmute it through action ( doing what you say you will do).


Brian Collins-The Rabid Monk


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