Never again, again.

What the hell is going on?

What is happening?

Is the world going to shit ? (again)

How many times have those exact words been uttered throughout history in a variety of dialects?

Do you think the Mayans said the same thing?

The Native Americans?

Cavemen ( and women).

This isn't our 1st time to this global shitstorm rodeo, the human race has been tested, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt , tested , destr......( you get the picture).

The sad part of this painfully slow evolution is the suffering that people have ( are ) to go through each and every time.  Countless lives lost and disregarded. Self worth reduced to dust and belief in ones own consciousness dissolved into nothingness.

The truly disturbing aspect to history's factual accounts of disregard for fellow human beings? 

That all of the wars, all of the desire for power, all the unbelievable torment that has been bestowed on people by those in "control"  has been governed by thoughts within the human mind, thoughts that send signals to the brain that then become chemical responses, causing "feelings" within the thinkers body that need to be physically acted upon.

Huffington Post did a great article


My take?

Now we have all heard over and over again the whole thoughts create reality shtick.

My "pet peeve" is that people have heard it...but few actually know what the fuck to do about it.  People always start with good intention but somewhere along the way the intent to change the world always takes a turn.

Starts and stops like this take forever to reach a destination. Sure you will get there someday by this method bit by bit, but humanity by that time will have gone through how many more genocides?

How much more class warfare and cast system division?

How many more destructive global resets will occur before all pull our heads from our own anal canals?

Humanity is at the crossroads again...the ol' nuclear shit is hitting the fan (again) and global extremism is popping up like zits on a teenagers face.  We all chomp on nachos and craft beers while the same shit begins to replay right in front of our faces. We assign all duties to other realms of consciousness and wait on those energies to handle all the changes, who?....well God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Lao Tzu, The Universe, Mother Earth, Om...etc, etc......

How about being the connecting cord to this realm, how about waking the fuck up to see that we can change the course of history by standing up and doing something.

Give into reaction of a replayed energy playing out again? NO.

Recreation of energy....YES.

If you sit on your ass , lie to yourself and others & ignore the truth being fed to you then you are deserving of a reset.....but I still feel that there is goodness and purity within the human heart.  If people wake the fuck up and see that each generation has its truth bringers and these people are are extremely important to the evolution of the human race ( sans all the prior bullshit)....and come in many forms.

If you truly desire to know what "now" is.....then you will see and feel this post, you will share this will want to know know more about my methods and practices.....if not well, maybe I will see you next time after the reset, knowing that I did a shitload for the past 23 years.....


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The Rabid Monk