Bald for spiritual reasons.......


Okay, I wanted to chime in to show the concept of subconscious energy transference in action.

I just finished mowing the lawn after a long time of not being able to from my back issues from the boulder fall of July. 

Anyway , while cutting away at the 80's heavy metal hair length grass, I was doing a section near my main street ( by main I mean a sleepy street that leads to to lake I live on). The road is used by walkers walking to the peaceful lake for a nice sit on an a "island".

Anyway, one walker was walking by was a woman I would say in her mid 40's.  I was mowing with sunglasses on in some old beaten on demin shorts and rocker t shirt ( you know, Yahhd fashion). I noticed her staring at me and thought "Is my fly down?" .

She was giving me a real mean, you are the absolute filth of the earth look. I couldn't figure it out till she passed and saw a "tree huggy esq logo" on her t shirt ( think Subaru type hippy design). Then it hit me....My head is shaved!!!  she thought I was one of those alt right clowns! To which I said to myself "This is the reason the world is the way it is,  holy sheep shit! I am screaming into a void!'.

You see, when she looked at me, and judged me for the way I look ( I shave my head because it is a spiritual thing, I do so to remove the idea and energy of vanity). All she saw was her subconscious feelings of associated exposure to shaved head skinhead clowns via the television and those dominant feelings placed blinders up to her reality..... people who drink alcohol also call something like that "beer goggles".

Her hate was like heat waves off the a road in Nevada!

Wow, our world is a powder keg right now, I am waiting to do the job, trust me, but I have to have balance in my own life or I get slammed beyond belief.

It is really sad because all of this fucking bullshit that we all see repeating over and over can be shifted, it really can. I know this to be true because I busted my ass for 23 years doing so in my former practice.....this isnt a "hobby" for me, my abilities have become much deeper in the metaphysical realms and I know more about stopping old bullshit vs simply absorbing it and well, to be honest I have to wait until scales are balanced....I killed myself 1x already taking on some horrible energy, aint doing that again unless scales are at 50/50.

Anyway, I am going back to doing the podcast to talk about my will be up around Thursday.

Much Love

The Rabid ( I shave my head for spiritual reasons so please dont be hatin on me) Monk