Global warming, consciousness and housing


I just read a story about current housing/rental prices in Europe and how that people are now being told to not use kitchens and limit the number of guests in the units at one time ( rentals).

The recent rules are because of a shortage of available units and a very tight market, so it gives the property owners massive control. Regardless of this factoid, one has to look deeper into the reality that is unfolding, as a seeker of spiritual pursuits ( spiritual type shit, not religion) has to always be willing to peek under the carpet to search for the past, present and future why energy and not simply suck on the nipple of the status quo

So let us peek at some stuff.

Global warming is real, it is happening and it there is not shit all that can be done to avoid the past years of abuse that we have done to our environment. We can slow the shit storm in terms of devastation ( if we act now) but people better get ready for a very different world coming in the next few decades. As the climate shifts and changes and sea levels rise, housing will then become a massive issue and climate related global land displacement will become a continuous side effect of years of the head in the sand, selfish and greedy actions of human beings.

So now is the time to see what the future can bring.

Do we want even more senseless wars?

Do we want even more famine?

More Illnesses brought on by climate shifts? 

We are going to pay the price of sea level rise because of past actions and those actions all began with something that is unacknowledged as a massive power source.....namely thought.

Nothing can come into creation without being a thought, absolutely nothing, nada, zilchy.....all has, will and always come from thought. If the thoughts are then followed through on, they will then enter the 2nd stage of birth, they will manifest into actions.

The troubling issue is the fact that humans are "center of the circle based" in regards to thought creation into action....the "Enough about me? ,what do you think about me?" selfish mentality is the reason that out coastlines will be gone and that we will all be taking gondolas to the local supermarket.

There are way too many spiritual peekers who think a raising ones consciousness is something that can be bullshitted by pretending or spiritual blessings are attributed to wealth, sports wins, oscars, emmy's, golden globes, grammys or lottery wins or the fact that a person has bent themselves into odd positions and can now see their own genitalia face to face.


Consciousness is a mutha fucka in regards to the complexity of ones spiritual advancement.

There is never, ever the finish line in regards to "enlightenment" only so in the aspect of the level of human understanding of the word "why"...the idea of "all" in the concept of life as we know it. You can bring yourself to the top level of humanity by dedicated introspection on the root of your who truly are and converting problem energy to solution energy through clarity that comes after much work in changing your personal vibration, but above that?

No...your spiritual experience is human and your consciousness advancement will then in turn be based on the physiology and thought processes of the big bag of chemicals, flesh and energy known as the human being experience. What the fuck does that mean? That means if you act the same way, you will get the same outcome.

What we can do however, is pursue the vibration of this level of consciousness to our advantage and see how our thoughts do create the reality we all share and how the multi verse that we experience is not some idea that only an egghead that has never been laid at MIT could comprehend.

Our seas are rising....our housing will be effected because of our past thoughts and actions and the equation below will make this seem very intelligent:

 H+SR/DA= Swimming

(Housing plus sea rise divide by dumb actions equal swimming)

So the reality of today occurs  because of what was done yesterday, now is the moment that creates tomorrow...each moment that passes is a turn on the crossroads of reality.

Why do I know this to be true?

Because I spent 23 years changing the lives of people in Boston in my former practice in the Back Bay with the very techniques I speak of, physically shifting the here and now part of their multiverse for them... I even warned a small group a few years ago of all the bullshit energy that was coming into our level of consciousness, you know the shit that we are presently going through with the current missile crisis and but a person can only be themselves and I did all that I could.

You see, the complexity of a an individuals multiverse is vast and I did what I was created to do and waited for others to do the same, but I came to the table with an open heart and others came to the table with agendas to aid themselves through me, not with me ( see center of the circle based above). So the energy wasn't resolved and yup, Bingo! Winnah Winnah Chicken Dinner our world is in the shit storm now,

So, yuppers here we are at global tension and a result of unresolved energies, just like sea level rise.

Welcome to the crossroads! here is a turn for can think I am an an asshole (one direction) or think I am onto ( and doing) something profound (another direction).



The Rabid Monk