The Ol' Monk is older but much balder and wiser

I type this blog post with airplane mode on typing on my phone...

I just completed a whirlwind 1 day trip to DC to see what the current state of spiritual energy is for our country. As you see in the graphics I logged 27k steps ( actually  31k, as it reset at 12am and I was still out and about)....yes, my back was still killing me after the recent injury but we are at a crossroads in the direction of our country ( and world)  and well, it was time for the ol' Monk to drop his cane and flip around for a short period of time. 

Side note ; I am lucky to have a lovely wife and a new business partner that truly believes in my work...

I haven't been to DC in a while and the recent shift in leadership and bubbling turmoil sent me back into the mix of being the familiar spiritual  ''spiritual wizard'' that many in Boston know too well. With one caveat: I was not there to save anyones family, give life force to help sell anyones home ( dont even ask), help anyones children, cure people, teach people, stop wars, shift comets or do any of the "miracles" that I did for 20 years for people in Boston... ( )

-I was there for a day for me to reflect on MY life.

What I experienced was very shocking to me as a energy curtain of division blanketed the city ( and thus blankets the country) .

Now please understand that a major part of my life is about feeling what cannot be normally felt by the "normal" person ...But of course still being human, I initially became emotionally effected by this new vibe, as it saddened me greatly to see people ( our country) revert backwards spiritually and hatred to become so prevalent again.

I quickly snapped out of it and realized I had work to do , so I mentally shut the fuck up and went to doing it.

I wont get into specifics on what I do in terms of my abilities as I want many of my posts to unify a vibe for my readers and have all parties recognize the many facets of love energy...I dont want to "convert" anyone, rather I simply seek to be the dawn dishwashing liquid ( truth) that breaks up the grease ( old energies that come back to replay) and have you all create your own positive vibe ripples that best way that you can.

Maybe someday I will share my secret methods, who knows....

Anyway, my 13 mile stroll brought me to a number of energy vortex spots that store massive hidden energies and went to work shifting and replacing some negative shit....yup, I sound like a fucking nutjob, right?

-Tell me about it.....but I am not hiding away on an island or pretending to do a spiritual job...I am in your face living proof of spiritual service. Yes, I say fuck, but do you think in the vastness of the cosmos that me saying fuck or expressing the here and now energy of 21st century spiritual pursuits in a direct , no bullshit way is a bad thing?

Aren't all the spiritual teachers of the past the ones who had the fucking balls to say " Hey this shit isnt working"?

Anyway, what popped up as an " issue" in this curtain of division was the idea of financial superiority between human beings and how it effects emotions and cloud the mind. The concept that having mass amounts of money making someone " better" than someone else is part of imbalanced teeter totter Americans are sitting on right now.

Peoples subconscious financial insecurities were recently manipulated and used against them and this unifying common energy of financial hardship fears were used to decay the very limited amount of common ground we all share as Americans and thus turned people against each other.

Money is a tool to be used, not a spiritual connection to God, just a tool that can create or destroy situations....this division energy was everywhere I looked and I did the best I could with my limited time to do my dishwashing....

So after limited sleep, I jumped back on a plane to head home to my Rabid homebase......and guess what?

The stewardess on the plane, got up and divided the cabin that I was in with the 1st class cabin curtain in front of me.....



Looks like my dishwashing work continues.....


Oi! whats a Rabid Monk to do?


Scrub a dub dub.


The Rabid Monk