End of year 2017 Holiday Rant



So, you say you wanna know the secrets of the universe bub?

You wanna be part (pahhht) of the bigger picture?

Well bucko, champ, sport, chief, pal, chum, you better be willing to shed all your bullshit and judgements, all your demands and expectations, all your pre conceived notions of "how the fuck things are supposed to be". I have been at this spiritual energy stuff a VERY long time and the common denominator that always comes across my plate when I have clients or "students" is the energy of expectations and demands of people of "what they want" vs "what they are willing to change about themselves" to get "it" ( it being whatever result they hope to acquire).

You see, a seeker will always have an open heart as they begin a journey, one full of desire to know "more" and be at peace inside. The issue is with that desire to change also comes the repetitive actions locked within persons own present energy field. In that field is all the shit that they have experienced ( and done) in their lives, stuff that lead them up to the point to where they want to seek the out why of it all and seek out peace. These past energies cling tight to the body (present reality)  through deeds and actions and can truly cloud a persons mind and prevent them from seeing the real asshole inside.


I worked my ass off ( literally, I have a flat ass now) to acquire my "abilities" and understandings. I did all that was asked of me from all past sages I studied with, went through many hard trails and faced many "demons" along the way. Through it all, I walked the walk, raised my vibration and as a result my energy field is now one of love, humor and care. I broadcast that outwards and the volume of the broadcast is controlled by me....no one else.  I am the one that can turn it up or down through choice and create change regarding the situations I choose. I can touch a stranger who has pain and aid them and then simply walk away, I can go to regions and drop a stone in the pond of life to create a ripple effect of change for the area, sounds fucking whackjob, nutso right?

It isn't, read my testimonials......I don't make this shit up.

It is hard at times, because people always make demands on me, try to manipulate me into a reality of their choosing.

This past week, I read through just a small section of my former clients miracles/changes/healings/etc, etc and realized one thing, that hmmmmm, I am the real deal. It is fucking funny that a "person like me" would have self doubts, I actually dont. What I do have is a self imposed sadness on how much I have given out and how much people have taken from me, promised me and not delivered upon. How many want to "get to know me" but still treat me like shit...I guess it is something to do about my vibe vs the "normal" vibe. People seem to think it is okay to treat me any way that they want and it is fine because I am monk like ( well, rabid monk like).

Actions like those show where that a person truly is on the path to peace and it makes me sad to see that the world can change so much but people just seem to want to cause me stress and slow down the incredible work I can do for the world. But I get up each day, try and best as I can and chip away and small bits of info...hoping that one day, I will have the freedom to simply be me. 

When that happens, well, I can say that things around the world may get very interesting.


-But who am I, right? Oh yeah, nobody, just a Rabid Monk.


Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk"


Enjoy some holiday Chi Rabid Monk style, you will have up and downs with this mix, introspection of the self is always my duty : Effect one energy and change the world.