Flat butt

Is a spiritual teacher a superhero? No.

Well hello all, it has been a bit since I have the chance to write something....why?
Well if you saw  the position I am writing in currently you would laugh as I cant sit, so I am kneeling ( ala proposal) on one knee typing. 

Why am I asking for the hand of my computer in marriage?

Well, because I fell off a rock about a month ago moving out of the way for a disabled person climbing along the rocks of a gorge I was in..I landed hard and busted up my back. You see my old Martial Arts training kicked in and I landed the way I should....except that fact that my body is not the body of my 22 year old super fast spinning crescent kick throwing self.....

How did my lovely wife of 24 years explain it....??

She said..." Well you have an old Irish butt ( no ass), so there is no longer a muscle to absorb the shock like you did when you were in your 20's, so the hard the landing went right into your back".... So I have been rehabbing my flat Irish pancake ass daily and slowly getting back to normal....the funny thing? The accident happened right near a creepy section of the gorge called "Devils Den"....yup, can't make this shit up.  

Anyway hopefully I will be back to my sarcastic ways asap.....the lesson for all? Dont discount the fact that a spiritual teacher is human, NEVER place a spiritual teacher above you...I am human just like you, I just have some unique abilities.

Any spiritual teacher that states it differently, well, then they are an asshole.

Also, if you look at say "Well if he was so spiritual, then that shouldn't have happened"....How about this? It happened because I was spiritual, because I was in fact doing something good at the time , something tried to stop me from doing something good ie: creating some good energy.- Not that the fucking world needs good energy right now, right?

But this isnt the 1st time at this rodeo...as I have been dealing /fighting evil for a long , long time.


-and I am still here.


The Rabid ( Flat assed)  Monk