Creating miracles from a chair (again)

An article on the rabid monk in the 90’s

An article on the rabid monk in the 90’s

I met a former client a very long time ago….

in the late 90's and I cured his lifelong chronic migraines in a single session.

Needless to say he was in awe and blown away by this event as he was a "virgin" to any "real world" metaphysical stuff. He was then a part of my life as a client off an on for 20 or so years bringing many ( actually countless) problems for me to solve ( for him, his family, his children, his Fathers company, etc).

I made a mistake along the way by letting him enter my world ( well, actually made this mistake 2x) and get close to me. You see, I have always worked alone, relying on myself to simply "do my thing" and never allowed anyone to be a part of my processes.

Sure, people can support me or aid me in varied ways so I am able to continue to do my work, but my own mission was mine and mine alone to make any and all changes occur on earth. The man begged me for a life quest as he told me he was spiritually lost inside and he wanted a journey to go on with me to grow and discover a new world.

One day after agreeing to take him on as a business partner in this nutty world I live in, I had him face the city I once lived in in my youth (South Boston) and told him to look at it....I asked him to realize that he has to step out of the world he knew ( one of silver spoon privilege and having things just handed to him) and begin a world of daily hard work and nose to the grindstone mentality as that was the origin of my special abilities and that action would be the 1st shift in his very confined and limited consciousness.

He said these words ...." Yes, I am ready to change".

I will condense the next couple of years with him to say that he was not ready at all and did not do what he said he would and simply took and took and took much energy from me and waited for me to once again ( in a different manor) "Cure his latest migraine-now called his “life quest" and wave a magic wand to make it all better......for him.

I did all I could, trying to balance out giving healing energy to all of his problems while still trying to move our "new business venture" along.

I felt at times like an energetic octopus being pulled from every direction, feeding far too many people involved in any way with a movie being made about my life ( that is a whole other blog post) with my special energy hoping that someone would aid us as my "partner" just sat and waited for me to be Harry Potter for any and all that asked of me and make all business ventures happen through my "magic powers".

What I came across was a cast of characters during this time that still makes my head shake: my "PR" rep was an atheist who was “representing” me a man of God/universal understandings ( talk about an energy drain that guy was) and I ran into many walls as a result. I remember a conversation one time at the PR firm where they actually said to me " Have you treated any famous people?" to which I replied " You mean curing the blind isn't enough? I need to have helped a back up supporting actor who once knew a person who met someone that was a stand in on "Friends” to validate my abilities?"

Well you can figure the rest out, that PR firm never went anywhere despite many promises (BS) of TED talks, media interviews, brand building, etc... nada, zilcho, nuthin ever happened and I finally said, this is leading nowhere and decided to leave this so called "representation".

I also was working with varied script writers and while I do understand that people who get to know about my life story are blown away and see how it can be a unique tale to tell to inspire ( and also get blindly excited by the fact that can probably make cash off of my life story). It troubles me that then the same energy pattern takes over, people then want me to do all, make all happen for them.....I have told people repeatedly my only duty is to be true to my talents, my specific vibe

Did I wind up writing out the movie scripts? yes, many times, with many writers, East Coast and in Hollywood……

During all of this was good ol' NYC.

Where my wife and I had another "rep" who promised us the world, told us endless tales of people wanting to finance a national TV show for us. We had meetings at the ABC network, endless emails of stories of zillion dollar investors that loved us and wanted us for shows....then....yup, you got it, nuthin. Nothing but excuses and hot, hot air. It is funny, if you are not a prick to people, you are perceived as a pushover...I didn’t want to be a prick to this man and his agency, if he didn’t see how many times he bullshitted us, that is his karma, so yup, I closed that nonsense down as well.

Needless to say, to be immersed in this energy 24/7 was horrid and talk about life sucking.

All the while these events were transpiring, the world was shifting towards the very negative energy I was warning people about that was coming if they didn’t get behind the projects we were trying to get made, a very dangerous choice to allow complacency and ignorance to lead the way. This crossroad energy for the world was the very reason that I started the whole new project and trusted people to aid me in creating new outlets for the same healing power that I used for 25 years in Boston at my former offices. I ventured off from my 5th floor office of isolation to release” this new vibe to the world. 

This vibe?

Well, when people asked me in my office " How do you create all these miracles?".....I would simply say, "When the treatment room door, clicks closed, you are then in my world and in my world, there is no other choice other than to help". I offered people a very special vibe to share and instead of seeing the chance, they simply wanted to take take take and better themselves.

The vibe was a waveform that was huge, a story of hope and wonder…..

But here we all are now, the world has now turned towards the possibility of war again, there have been ever increasing race wars, anti semitism is on the rise, the climate is steadily reminding us of how small were truly are and is decaying, people are divided, we have a bully as a President and there is massive global tension causing endless mental chaos..

-Just like I warned people about over 5 years ago was coming …but no one listened to me.

So let us jump to now,

I have in my chair, me all alone again just like at my office on Newbury Street in and God, the way it was. The “helpful partner with the life quest?” well he lied to me so many times that I had to cut him loose completely, he was blind to his actions of 20 years and I couldn’t feed him and his entire family with my protecting life force any longer.

Do I have people aiding me now?

No not exactly, Now I have people aiding themselves by understanding my mission and thus growing spiritually if they understand the chance that they are given by working with me in synergy.  It is now me and me alone doing the job again, creating global change from a chair.

The only new aspect?

I am once again back in my vibe, back in my healing vibe, back to who I am and I am presently writing and recording online programs all by myself (like how I did all my work in my office in Boston), I am ready to share my methods of healing with the world so that others can learn how to create miracles like I did for so long….stay tuned my EFV KEYS with soon be dropped…..the world needs it!

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