Sweet child o' Mine

Who understands the complexity of the inner space of mind in relation to being "one" with all?

Is it the energy of an old boy network that helps each other out?

It is swamis and gurus?

Is it God?

It is simply the self, the inner connection?

Well on earth, it seems to be all of these things working together as one

If you don't have "pal" connections that help you out, then you have to go on through life with only the strength within to rely upon. That cosmic strength is unlimited, sure, but humans also are governed by dominant emotions and those very emotions are often the speed bumps or glue traps that slow or stick a person in place and as a result, an individual needs an enlightened teacher or mentor from time to time to help "unstick' them.

I have always been a loner, birthed in violence ( keep that in mind seekers of the truth). I jumped from packs of "friends" my whole life then packs of " Guru's, Kahunas, Martial Arts Masters, "etc" as I searched the globe ( and my mind) for enlightenment. Now as an old fart, I see how my own isolation helped to create my "other worldly" abilities and I now walk the walk as sages have done before me with my own crazy ideas on how to shift the current shit storms that effect all of life on Earth. However I now do so not alone but with my wife at my side, the yin to my yang, believing in me 100% as I believe in her 100% -word. 

I have done some truly amazing things for countless clients ( for 23 years professionally) and during that time I also discovered much about the enlightenment I have and what people desired from me as a result of a lifetime of my hard work and sacrifice to discover universal truth. I not going to apologize any longer for having my abilities nor be taken advantage of for having them any longer, allowing that to transpire only further imbalances our dimension, something that truly sends us all backwards.

Social classifications can cloud the mind and shape a course

One instance was a man who violated my personal space by grabbing a piece of jade on my body and actually was trying to drain some of the sacred energy out of my necklace. When I told him I wore a certain piece of jade when I perform hours of deep mana breathing to generate and store energy to use it later when needed it for me work, he actually said to me "I want some of that"  grabbed it and began to rub it like a genies lamp ( I was wearing it at the time). He held onto the item until I loudly said "Really? do I come to your office and steal money from your accounts?".  Odd, at one time I did care greatly for this person and gave of myself in endless ways to him and his family. The journey that he is on may take him back towards me but currently he is caught up in another dimension, hopefully he will see that God provides us all with unique gifts, gifts that are supposed to work in Synergy to help create a world of peace.


Then and now, was, is and what will be

The problem with many of today's inner work practices is the fact that an individual gets caught up in what was vs what is. Traditions are wonderful, but the vibe of our planet is very different than it was 2000 years ago. A person can practice ancient meditative methods or methods of religious self discovery as they were done for thousands of years, but must also be aware of what new energies, what new vibrations are available to them in 2017 ( and onward). 

My "pet peeve" ( do they say that anymore?)...is the inability for people to understand the ripple effect in many aspects of respecting the old ways but also embracing the new as well. Don't you think Jesus, Buddha or others would have used texting to help spread the messages they had? I think they all would have used video chat if given the chance.

In this blog post I will now harp on the power of words and how when words are sent out to the heavens in the form of a promise, statement or agreement that they then have to be acted upon as sent or related the ripple effect of the imbalance  overrides "genesis energy" and causes repetition of the old to occur.

Words contain Mana

Words when placed together in a sentence, can make you laugh, cry or become angry...we all know this. But individuals have diffused the true power of words by using them in context where they do not belong.

Take the word "friend" for example.

People use this word wayyyyyyy too much.

What exactly is a friend? A person you care about ?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as:

"A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

But ( due to social media usage or desire to be popular) people seem to call everyone "friend" today...in the past, many have called me  a "friend" only to then walk away (after they used me for my abilities)  or have me chase them to remain close to me. This special energy I have within? well I have worked on it for quite sometime to acquire it and came to this conclusion last winter after much time in my mind ( meditation)....( I don't mean to sound like a dick and toot my horn) that I will not be lied to any longer, the world doesn't deserve it.


Shit, if I met someone who told me that they devoted their entire life to the study of energy, life, God, the universe (etc) and told me that they cured the blind, aided infertile women to conceive children, cured migraines with a touch, cured endless back pains with a touch, ended stomach ailments, mental disorders, eating disorders, business problems, etc..If this person had the ability to show me how to feel the energy of the world around me, open up new doors of consciousness (etc) I would look at this person as super duper interesting and someone I would want to have around as they are as cool as any celebrity, musician, designer, tech wiz , etc.

Many have called me the F word ("friend") but I honestly do not know what that means anymore and spend much of my time in deep meditation at nighttime trying to unlock even deeper levels of self. A friend always makes an effort.......an acquaintance?  well not so much......so remember, along your own spiritual journey, as you unlock new energies within, be careful of those "friends" who simplywant to drain from the you.......friendship is and will always be 50/50.

Me.....????? I call myself a friend to many and wait patiently to experience the boomerang feeling and see the other 50%.


I am currently waiting, with my abilities ready to go...waiting to put my cape back on and aid my world.....my 50% of the deal....sad though, once old energies play out, you cant stop the present.


Tick tock friends, tick tock.


The Rabid Monk