Odd vortex of vortexing vortices


Well jump back jack! it is throwback Wednesday!

(Hey don'tconfine me to a certain day to

jump back).


I wanted to speak some more truth from my past with a story about my first fitness studio ( that I owned with my wife) on Newbury Street in Boston.

The journey began after we saved a persons business from bankruptcy by working countless hours as a husband and wife team for the owner of the establishment only to have a knife shoved in our backs after aiding them and saving their business, but that is a whole other story about dealing with hatred.

After that screwing, we were then invested in by a dearly departed friend/mentor. He believed in our crazy mission to effect real change in the world by creating a place of love and power and gave us our 1st round of seed money to open a studio and begin our crazy mission oh many, many, many hairlines ago.. That studio ( in my humble opinion) was very special and had legendary status in regards to the amazing amounts of change ( both physical and spiritual) that people experienced and only now after so many years that have passed do we hear the same statement over and over from former clients all over:


" I have traveled all over the world, there is nothing like it"


"I searched everywhere in NYC for a place like yours, couldn't find anywhere!"


"I live in L.A. and cant find anything like your place h!"....


" I now live in France and cant find anything like your studio!"


and so on and son on.


So what is the spiritual hoo hah lesson in this?  

Well, to wake the fuck up and be part of the whole! 

Become a part of the energy that can change reality. By being a part of it, I mean just don't take  something for yourself and keep it a secret, share it with the world! Selfish behavior or clinging to the me vs we mentality is partially the reason why our world is in such a fucking mess. You cant expect the world to change if you don't change. Wowza! what a limiting concept right? and to be truthful an insult to one subconscious.

Some people have so much and share so little.....at our old studio, all we had was our energy, love and dedication and we shared it freely and ran into so many that just kept it for themselves.  Some clients actually said to us (  an actual quote)..." I don't want you to get too popular, too successful or else I will lose my spot here"... they came to us  and yet wanted the benefits of our loving energy all for themselves.

Each day was a study ( and at times a huge challenge) of human consciousness by seeing the desire in peoples eyes to advance but the pulling attachment of dominant internal energies bound them to a repetitive negative reality that made them feel "better " than other people or "more deserving". That hidden negativity that they held within ( the real truth to the outward facade of happiness that they showed the public) was then usually let go while at our studio and directed at me or my wife for simply creating love and a place of peace.

Why dump on us?

Trust me, I am still fucking trying to find that answer.

But there is a point where you cant feed anyones energy field any longer as the dominant energy they have inside just drinks more and more and more from a source of power....freewill has to come into play and a person has to see their own actions and behaviors. If I sound like I am complaining, I am not....I am just stating fact to use past my past situations as a spiritual teaching tool for all.

I didn't go through 23 years of negative bullshit and challenge to sit on my ass and not aid future generations with my knowledge base. 

Look within, see your own roll in the world......for instance, have you shared the Rabid Monk website? purchased a t shirt from the Rabid Monk store?  Told friends on facebook to "like" the Rabid Monk page?


-Be part of the whole.



The Rabid Monk