Never again, again.

"Light surrounded by darkness"....© 2017 Brian Collins

"Light surrounded by darkness"....© 2017 Brian Collins

So there comes a time when energy has to shift or shit hits the fan....HARD.

We are all in the time of massive change right now when the fan is ready to be whacked with a big honkin' lump of crud. What we are experiencing none of it is is just the latest version.

The Mayans, English, Greeks, Romans, Mongols,  you name , all have gone through a period of WTF is going on...all "rulers" must come to this crossroad.

The issue?  While change is a constant, balance is not.

A race of dominant beings has to have honesty as the guide to spiritual evolution, not control or ego. If you look at the truth as a seed , then the roots of that "reality" plant will be strong based upon the plant knowing itself.

If you have a seed of questionable origins?

Well then chances are that the plant that is grown will be weak as the inner part of the being that is the plant will be on fragile ground and the plant will eventually die off.


I am now not going to get into politics however, just situations.......


I just heard a story of Syrian Government possibly having built crematories to dispose of bodies of mass killings and my heart sank.  Read it here

Now I do not know if this is factual or just another smoke storm of a political agenda....If invoking the memory of the holocaust for ones personal gain is used as a tactic of control, then we have a truly disturbed group of people running our country. 

Either way, I wanted to teach a lesson and I know it may come as a shock to my readers as I often joke about spiritual issues and life to make the topic light, but remember, I am also dedicated beyond human understanding to shifting energy and here we go.


Never again, again.

When a situation begins to spin out of control and lose its center, a person will often find themselves stuck in a state of reaction, responding to what is currently transpiring and searching for the back up reasons to support the point (s) that the individual is trying to get across to whomever is challenging them.

These reasons and "facts" will be based on person desire to "win" an argument and may not have any validity at all or be based in any sort of reality.

Hitler proved to the world that hateful thoughts and made up agendas one can become a weapon of devastation when the mob mentality rules and accepts the connection of internal rage paired with external manipulation .

The truly frightening issue is this type of energy is a constant, it is a principle that can be "activated" in a moments never "goes away". Hate breeds hate...we have all heard that saying before.

But when it comes to doing something about "it" how does an individual stop something as horrible as another death camp energy being resurrected in 2017?  How the hell can Sally or Bob in America shift the energy in another country?

- Quantum Entanglement

Specifically, Theoretical teleportation.  

I know, I know, you are saying "this is the same guy that says "fuck" all the time and draws cartoons?....yes, see? I told you I was deep. If you are not aware of what Theoretical teleportation is, it is basically the concept of Quantum Entanglement where a particle (you) at one location is able to influence the energy, mass, particle at another location ( the "particle" being them, there, etc).

If you have ever heard or uttered the phrase "I will pray for you"....that is basic understanding of this concept...but the issue is that the person who is praying is missing the bus. They are not accepting a connection to the totality of reality and simply are telling God to do it all....they have already passed the energy buck onto an already overworked creator.

ALL situations are in the hands of the individual 1st, then a person can assign it to the personal belief of choice for assistance if you desire to. You have to process your own energy 1st and look deep at how the information that you just absorbed externally effects you internally.

That my friends, is the cosmic connective key to Divinity and to the "other" person or situation (and how I changed lives for 20+ years at my practice in Boston's Back Bay).

Did you read above that my "heart sank" when I heard of Syria story?


Because many years ago, I had the chance to physically sit in a boxcar that was used in the transportation to the Nazi death camps. I wanted to gain a direct connection and aid in releasing sorrow and pain of all those effected. When recently I heard the possibility of a replay of that type of energy?

Well, my heart energy was then effected.

So in my case, I now have to work on this "heart energy" now, build up a stronger field of love and joy in my reality to directly effect and counter the situation in Syria ( Because of what triggered within me when I heard the Syria story was the memory of the Nazi boxcar.) ...You will have a reaction unique to you and thus need to work on your individual experience, whatever that is.

Now if the Syria winds up to be a lie? like "Weapons of

mass destruction"?

Then the love energy goes right to the party or parties responsible for creating the deception and they are as disturbed as the parties that could have built the crematoriums and need help, not further hate energy sent their way, as it will only feed them (Hate breeds hate).  

We cannot simply sit on our asses and wait any longer, global energy has to be shifted, you have be proactive before the world has a chance to become reactive and trust me, it will and once it does, you cannot play catch up....only clean up of destruction and rebuilding the world ( whatever is left of it).

Well I am going to express, manifest and live in a state of love.

I am going to apply joy energy to the manifestations of fear and hate.

I began this process  the other day when I heard about the story and had a choice to engage the energy in 2 ways, I chose love energy vs battle.

So, how can you help?

Spread this blog post as an act of LOVE.

"Like" it, Tweet it out...etc.

Social media is weird, so many people tell me that they dont see my posts and that sadly is out of my control ( in the hands of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram etc) the more that repost my stuff, the more that share it, the more energy can move......




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