Friend many of us have it?


You can't ask  people to be what you want them to be....

You can't expect for anyone to have the same values as you or treat you as you have treated them. The are so many complexities for people who consider themselves "compassionate" for those who strive to create a better world.

It is hard to extend yourself to people who pretend to be your friend and then find out later just how much of a lie that is. But it is also the fault of the compassionate person as well. 

How so?

Because a person will often lose themselves and give so much outward that they forget to take care of the self. They seek approval in friendship not being aware that the friends that they have chosen to be around are only there because they seek to drain the compassion energy of someone else.

You have to love yourself 1st....if someone wants to be around you, they will love you for you and not because what you do for them, how much you give them or always want you to be the soundboard for their problems etc. Real friendship is not a one way street ( a person giving and the other taking), honor yourself enough to be aware of the imbalance and be brave enough to change it.

The ones that only want to drain you?  they are not true friends, so set yourself free.

It may be painful, as you may have known them for a long time. But it is like hitting yourself in the foot with a hammer constantly, day after day, week after week and slowly forgetting that it is a choice to do so....then someone comes along and says " Ah, you know you can stop that, right?"




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