©2017 Brian Collins

©2017 Brian Collins

Over the years I have helped countless name it, I have helped it.


The funny thing?

I love hearing stories from clients that know some of my other clients.

One told me one day that a person claimed I never helped them ( after I did so). Odd, because on an old computer of mine I found countless emails to and from them over a year long contract that they had with me.. aiding them with countless business and personal issues.

It always baffled me when people came to me with a zillion issues and I helped them with ALL of them, then they deny to others that I ever existed or helped them.....hmmm, denying a teacher of truth and a bringer of peace...does that sound familiar?

I guess for some people they cant escape the inner them despite a facade of success. Some people are just users....sad, but true.

When you give people the keys to peace , they then have a choice to ignore what you have done or acknowledge it and spread the word and good energy.

Weird because when a person chooses the 1st, then a whole series of events unfold for them, like infidelity, deceit, dormant anger, etc...and that all gets passed on to the next generation and on and on.

The "sins" of the Father or Mother repeat...I guess

A person can deny the truth as much as possible, but deep in the subconscious they know the lie, what was given to them, what was shown to them and a mirror cant ever hide that truth.

My truth?


I am telling it as it is....fuck hiding behind a curtain any longer, I have ignored my inner voice for way way way too long. I will raise a DRINK to myself and still serve GOD ( what ever that is)  as I have done for years.



The Rabid Monk