Niburu and planet reset

Okay, I am not into all this doom and gloom shit...

but I think watching various you tube vids and tv shows on it is funny as so many people are cemented in ideas of how and when it all goes to war 3, planet smashing, floods, ufo invasions, bigfoot pole dancing for money, etc, etc.

Now this blog will be followed up today by a podcast to "elaborate" on one amazing conspiracy theory building momentum...namely we already have hidden super duper spaceships with star wars technologies blazing at full speed.

I am going to combine that idea with the impending doom shit honk duck and cover moment of the super secret planet Niburu coming near Earth and jacking it all up...wiping the slate clean (again).

I will ask though, if we do have a super secret space fleet capable of light speed/inter dimensional travel....and if we do have a an oncoming cosmic bumper car game with Niburu...who do you think will be whisked away to safe haven planets to repopulate our next home?


We lemme tell ya, it aint 'gonna be the single mom with 3 jobs going to night school who can afford the spaceship ride! Yuppers boys and girls, it will be the super rich, blasting off into space headed towards a new host world. The very same people" who answer to a higher authority" the ones  that look down on people as servants, the "less than" them class of humanity.

Can you imagine that these people are the ones who will start fresh? Yikes.

Start fresh? do you think that they will actually do "labor" on this new planet? Ha! Of course they will bring a slave race, oops, I mean... "New Earth Helpers". Imagine these fucksticks being the ones who represent what Earth is ( was).

Holy cosmic thundershit! 


The Rabid Monk




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