My Wife, Tits McGee, Colin Quinn, Drea DeMatteo and NYC Summah of 2016

Tits McGee.jpg

So, Let me get all deep for a second....

My wife and I are coming up to a one year anniversary of her 1st breast cancer surgery. This past year ( and all the bs that led up the surgeries) has been on hell of a challenge for (on) us.


Well not only was the whole cancer thing a fucking nightmare, we also had to close our business of 20 years in Boston because we just couldn't give of ourselves to all involved 24/7 any longer AND have the energy to focus on her healing.

Was it a hard choice?


It was time to start thinking about ourselves as we ( my wife and I ) gave out enough energy to fuel the world 100x over in our studios to all that were there.

When she became ill,  we had zilcho in regards to support from anyone, we were alone, no friends, no family, no one. All those that ran TO us for aid over the years, ran FROM us when we needed some help.

It sucked, but showed us what was real and what was a falsehood and what people were truly about. Sure, It was hurtful to see the truth come to the surface, but we endured and became even closer as a result of being bathed in the asshole energy of those that lied to and used us for so many years.

Last summer after her 2nd surgery ( she needed 2), we made a trip to NYC for some mental get away time ( when she was strong enough to). It just happened to be around the time a friend of mine, comedian Colin Quinn was filming his Netflix special "New York Story".

( watch a clip here )

Colin hooked us up with some great V.I.P seats for the taping ( though I think my V.I.P status had nothing to do with me, as I was also bringing a friend of mine, actress Drea DeMatteo of Shades of Blue/Sopranos fame and I think he gave me V.I.P status for her, not me...Colin and I share lovely Irish sarcasm, so without Drea, my V.I.P would have probably been him giving me  Vacant Irish Putz. "V.I.P" status.....( back row near Toilets).

Watch Drea on  Shades of Blue here

I was kind of in a shock fog that night as our lives went into so much of a turmoil that the whole NYC visit was surreal to me. Not because of Colin or Drea ( as I consider myself as much a as a celebrity as they are, only I am widely known for my skills in my circle). Before ( and after) the show we met a bunch of Colin's Twitter fan base "family", a great group of down to earth people ( well, most of them ).

One of them happened to stand out, I wont use her real name, so I will call her "Tits MgGee".

During my wife's surgeries, she would send me messages and kind words out of the blue. She was so sweet and caring and to be honest I was in shock that a total stranger was showing this amount of care to us, when the rest of the world we knew just walked away.

When I met her at Colin's show, I was floored and fought back tears ( and still am doing so while I write this). She came up to us to introduce her wheelchair. I found out right then and there in that instant that she was facing her own health challenges.

I was shocked and the healer part of me went crazy...this stranger showed US care with all she was going through?

WTF! She was sending us hopeful and happy messages and energy?

I was dumfounded and I know I didnt come off too social to Colin's fanbase ( and to her), not because I didnt want to be, it was just like the "what the fuck" train just hit me when I saw Tits MgGee....and saw that someone cared for me (us) without wanting anything from me (us)  someone who had a pure light inside....It really blew me away. 

Sure we joked around a bit and Colin then did his drive by meet & greet hugs and moments of hang out with his fans ( after Colin's show,  we then hung out and ran around with Drea and her awesome friend Amanda in the East village till 330am...that is a whole other story as they both were amazing to my wife and I all night long, and I love, love, love them both for caring so much).....but what really stuck in my ol' Irish head about that whole night was Tits MgGee and she has been in my mind since our meeting of last summer. 

You see, the internet is a weird place, a void where people just spew whatever into the digital vacuum. Years ago, I began a new chapter in my life as a healer, to spread my energy outwards with my Rabid Monk cartoons and spiritual lessons to help people deal with the shit of life and spread my knowledge further than my little office in Boston's Back Bay could do  see Boston Magazine story on me and I received a lot of feedback from fans for making them laugh and think during some trying times.

But you never know who is on the other side of a keyboard and well, you can also run into some odd ducks as well out there in the digital soup. Tits Mc Gee was an odd duck to me...not because she was an odd duck, but because she showed care for my wife and myself and that was very odd to us.

So as we come up to the 1st year anniversary of a horrible event for my wife and myself, I wanted to send this cosmic shout out and cartoon (above) to Tits tell her that night was very special to me, not because of Colin or Drea, but because of an amazing stranger who I did absolutely nothing for, a wonderful person who hit us over the head with a four letter word....that word?




You are the balls Tits McGee


The Rabid Monk




I also intend to write a tear jerking blog on the 4th of May, the actual 1 year anniversary of my wife's surgery.....