WTFU 2017



(Wake the fuck up peeps)....the Butterfly effect is real.

Work on the energy of the self and discover the power within you to create external change.

The world is currently in a stage of "fucked" so it it is up to those who TRULY seek change to go inward and see what the hell is going develop peace within.

You don't need to get all political or express your hidden in anger over some shit that happened to you in your youth that now makes you unable to piss in public...let it go.

Raging against the norm can cloud your mind and feed the machine even more....don't allow it to.

Don't rage, relax and breathe, discover you.

BE RIGHT NOW, SEEK PEACE RIGHT NOW WITHIN YOURSELF, THE WORLD IS FUCKED....RIGHT NOW AND NEEDS YOU to find you....only clarity can bring lasting change. Through that clarity you can then find the right actions that lead to the right outcomes.




The Rabid Monk