The truth will set you free

Does the truth set you free or does it piss you off and cause you to blame, smash and ignore?

The "truth" in many ways can be a mutha. It can force you to look at situations and come to the crossroads of reality itself. We have all had the experience of thinking we had one idea about a person, situation, etc only to find out that we were very,very wrong.

The remaking of ones life due to the truth surfacing is a rough job and in many ways it can be nerve wracking if it occurs frequently with multiple situations. Life then becomes the physical manifestation of a question mark and a person never fully understands what is solid and what is transitory.

But ( there is always big but)....the truth does set free old shit , old patterns, old energies...things that were hidden in the dark corners, the creepy noises in the closet of the mind are tossed.

The koan? Is the truth possible without deception?

Can a person live a life of truth in all forms?

If so, does this truth energy override natural emotional responses? Will a truth living person live a life of "roboto -esq" dullness then? or does the truth release only the negative mind? Are lies then keeping us all from a Utopian society?

Wouldnt it be great to never need to wonder if the person you just asked a question to was indeed telling you and honest answer?Yeeeesh! So much wasted brainpower.

Well, as I have stated in past blogs, if we are all indeed "one" on some metaphysical cosmic level....I will begin the step towards that Utopia with the truth: 

 - I honestly don't care about losing my hair, I really didn't like Captain America Civil War, pesto is overrated, "gastro pubs??" really? call it fancy bahhhh food willya?, I dont understand snapchat...whew! that was a soul dump, man I light as a fluffy feather.

There a few instances of my truth.....are we on the way to being set free now?


The Rabid Monk