Dali Drama



I am back suckas!!! 

I am back suckas!!! 


Okay, I just watched the latest episode of Last

Week Tonight with John Oliver ( A

brilliant,  rat looking comedic genius on HBO).


One segment he traveled to visit/interview the Dali Lama.

During the segment, he made some truly hilarious jokes and lightened the mood to what could have been a very deep and melodramatic interview regarding the situation with Tibet. One part of the interview however "Rabid Monked" me out when the Dali Lama spoke of possibly being the last Dali Lama or GASP!! people were speaking about the possibility that after he passes and reincarnates, he may ( insert deep feeling music score here)....not even do so in the India or Tibet region!

Okay...is it me?

I mean I have gotten used to people telling me I suck, I am a loud mouth, I am crass, I am an Irishman raised in the projects of South Boston, how can I know about spirituality?

But isn't the whole idea of Buddhism about letting go?  

Isn't that actually the 2nd of the 4 noble truths? That suffering is due to attachment..you know that whole thing a ma bob?

I am NOT saying this to be a wise ass, but why should anyone give 2 shits if the Dali Lama came back? or even came back ( dare I say) as a tiny beautiful black baby born in the South Side of Chicago? Isn't him not coming back something to celebrate? Isn't that breaking a cycle?

Why the fuck are religions so stuck in phrases vs really understanding the wheel turns all the time and what was doesn't have to be what is ?

To people tell  to "let go" or "release old sins"  but  yet wear the same uniform of clothes to pray in?

Fly the same prayer flags of worship?

Remove equality of all?

To say a higher source is love beyond boundaries but live in fear of that love or you wont be loved by it?

Energy is in constant motion and we all should be as well, formless and flowing like water....energy is the real connectivity to the source of all creation.

Samsara can NEVER be ended if people don't see that to segment enlightenment is to bind it.

Maybe it is time when the current Dali Lama transitions and returns.... and to do so in another location and in another race and.... WAIT! and how about this? 

How about a real UNIVERSE SHAKER!

How about coming back as a woman this time!!!

That would sure upset the fucking cosmic apple cart!!

Ohhhhh baby wouldn't and TRULY break eons of lifetimes of fears/hatred/violence/ oppressive energies!! that would surely flush Samsara right down the ol' vortex toilet!

But hey, who the fuck am I?

I am just some clown raised in the projects of South Boston...thats right, I say "fuck" frequently so what could I possibly know about enlightenment, right?-- ( insert 4th noble truth here).


The Rabid Monk