Passing the torch of energetic Bullshit

You can't hide from what is inside.

You can't hide from what is inside.


There is a classic disco song called "We are family".....

I am going to borrow a lyric and update it to fit in with this blog post.

"We are energy, I got all my karma with me"......

Okay, so let me begin by saying  yuppers! life is complex. A spiritual life? shitcakes, that is even more complex. Why? Because the heart and soul is often challenged as a person looks to discover who they are in this big question mark of question marks.

You peel layer after layer of question/answer energy away from reality to get to the center of it all only to discover that you are right back at the beginning to peel even more shit away. This can and will really fuck with a persons quest......if you let it.

Let me give you a slice personal experience for instance.

As a kid, I had a friend who moved to Massachusetts from New York after his parents were divorced. He moved to the Dorchester section of Boston ( a semi rough area with a bad school system at the time). Me? I lived in Southie right near him ( A very rough area and oh the fun! I had the pleasure of having Mobster Whitey Bulger as my neighbor 1 street over from my fun fun).

"Kevin's" ( not his real name) Mother didn't want him or his brother to go to the "bad" schools in Boston so she registered them (illegally) as living with their uncle in his apartment in Cambridge so that they could attend the Cambridge school system. So they lived in Dorchester and took the train daily to Cambridge to go to a "better" school. 

Okay, so there seems to be nothing wrong with that right? Welllllllllllll.....Not really.

You see, by instilling the energy of falsehood being okay in the mind of a child, the subconscious mind accepts that as a reality that is indeed okay. It then bends and shifts time and space to think it is acceptable to have lies as a foundation and it also plants an energetic seed that will eventually sprout...ever hear that saying "Come to me with the mind of a child"? well , children learn behaviors based upon past generations deeds and actions and those behaviors are then either questioned or continued on and on and on.

"Kevin" and I were close for many , many years and I took care of him countless times by allowing him to live with me and my wife at our home when he was down, having him stay with us on vacation for free in Kauai, paying for his wedding expenses, giving him money, trying to help in countless and seemingly endless ways. All during this time I didn't see that the seed planted in his youth by the false address had indeed sprouted and he was in full bloom lying to me about our friendship.

He began to use me, deceive me ...basically treat me like shit.

I was blind to his behavior because I was stuck in the past of our youth together. The false address energy of his youth was replaced by a false friendship. Energy shifted and he then could only follow the road taken by the choice of his Mother to register him in another city for his education. He did get an education in Cambridge but 1/2 of the education was the spiritual schooling of his subconscious teaching it that lying energy was indeed okay.

Many years ago I was speaking to him ( he has since lead a life where he has never felt settled, never happy in one place) and said one night in meditation, I saw the source of his discontent and that he should go back to the source and see what he feels inside ...the source? the location of his uncles home in Cambridge.

That was the center of the ripple effect for him...the origins of his internal disconnect.

Did he do anything?

Nope...and the energy continues to play out.

I haven't seen or spoken to him in many years. So is there a "moral" to this story? Something we can hug a tree over? Sure. As I said at the beginning of this post, spiritual shit involves peeling layers, realize that who you are today is a result of many layers of shit ( good and bad).

Introspection and action can undo many of the accepted energies stored within your subconscious but it is a fucking pain in ass to do. That is the truth....but as I said, if you let the prior energies dominate ( Like Kevin did) you will have one life unfold and continue passing the energy on ( he had to lie to was in his blood) and nope you can never hide from what is within and will always feel unsettled inside ( as he does) because reality as you experience it is tainted by the accepted energy within that lying is indeed okay.

But if you choose to address what is stuck away in the ol' soul hard drive, then you will be challenged to reshape you as you know you. It is tough, but for the advancement of ones consciousness in a lifetime it is the most important "job" you will ever have.

So let's mentally put on our platform shoes, bell bottom pants, flammable disco shirt and hit the cosmic dance floor and shake , shake, shake, shake , shake , shake, shake some old shit off, shake some old shit off !


"We are energy, I got all my karma with me"......



The Rabid Monk

Trying to save an old friend from himself many, many, many years ago.

Trying to save an old friend from himself many, many, many years ago.