Universal universe of universal things

You ever notice that when you see issues, problems, crappola....that you are seeing it?

That you are witnessing the situation?

When you view it, do you do something spiritual to resolve what you are experiencing or do you simply react to what you have seen/heard?

Interesting, huh?

Did you get the lesson?

We are all seeing the shit hitting the fan daily, but many are blind to the fact that the situation is screaming out loud like a power chord at a classic rock show, it is screaming to be released. But much like that power rock chord, the energy is sustained and echoing and like the power chord, you kinda wanta sorta say " Okay dude, enough already...unplug and take a nap".

There are so many multi dimensional understandings that the term "Why" cannot truly define "Why" something happens in present day life. So many reasons/influences, so many past reasons/influences, so many dimensional reasons....it can make a persons fucking karma spin in circles trying to define the countless layers. 

Spiritual energy is mutha to take on, I have said that many times before, but it doesn't mean that a person shouldn't be responsible at all or delve deeper to peek behind the curtain of life.

Deep set patterned behaviors are a result of dominant energies hidden within the body. If you believe in any of this "We are all one shit", you will then begin to see and connect the universal dots and understand how a individuals own actions can shift the energy stagnations across the globe ( and beyond)...You know that whole butterfly effect thing? Well, all the past sages didn't say " We are all one" just to jerk the ol' baloney pony.

So the next time you see something that pisses you off, realize that you missed your chance to shift the energy.....why? 

Because you became pissed off and reacted.  

Each time you give this new concept of being connected to all a try, you move one step closer to being connected to all....so when you see something that would trigger the volcano inside, you will then understanding that your "duty" is to generate an energy of change to balance out the universal connection that you have just witnessed and not explode at the situation. 

You will then negate the negative within you and thus effect the situation you just witnessed....sounds like a new age circle jerk idea, stupid and full of shit right?

Well it is the basis to " We are all one"....go read shit on quantum physics or Einstein's  "Spooky action" if you want a scientific tie in.


The Rabid Monk



Still think it is shit?

Well I used this concept for 23 years professionally to change clients lives.....how about that for flipping the script on the spiritual reality tip?