Lump of hot steamy spiritual dog shit

I was going for a fitness walk ( actually my wife was dragging me) the other day...

it was just semi warm in Massachusetts...when this happens after a sucky winter ( winnntahhh) people run out from the isolation of homes to smell the fresh, lovely sarcastic New England air.

While we were walking, I saw the 1st sign of spring : a fresh lump of dog shit that a dog owner had left on the pathway after this dog dropped a fresh deuce.  The path runs through a pretty wooded section of our walk ( you know ducks, swans and shit like that). It was hot and steamy  full of aroma landmine....but it did provide me a lesson.

I looked and saw the 1st fly of the year and that fly? it was having one hell of a time on that lump of shit! It was in shit heaven! a huge lump of shit all to itself? BLISS!

Now, I am admittedly a strange man, I know that...but part of my talent is to question the "is"....and I did so in my professional practice for 22 years in Boston.  This shit enlightenment? well....I looked at the fly and I looked a fellow passerby's reaction to the fresh shit on the path.

I then saw co existing realities.

Two lifeforms existing on the same plane, one judging a reality as disgusting, the other? living a moment of nirvana ( the feeling, not the band). I thought in this instance, wow, look at this contrast of energies by passing each other.....the great thing? 

Who was the teacher?

Certainly not the person making the lemon sucking face, it was the fly.

Why the fly? because the fly couldn't give a shit ( no pun intended) about what anyone thought about its was happy and that was it's "now"


"Food" for thought..........


The Rabid Monk