"I got yo' answer to a higher authority...right here" !

I found an old copy of an article on ancient healing on yours truly from ( gasp) 1997.

Yup, that is a much younger me on the right with a full head of hair and a serious "all deep and shit" look on my face. I guess I gave out a huge amount of healing energy through my scalp over the years as my chi has ascended past my skull meridians/chakras and to the heavens ( ie: I am gettin' pretty bald).

Seeing this photo I have to laugh and page through my ol' brain memory bag of that young guy who would kill himself for his clients, who would be covered in sweat and gray after appointments, the guy who emptied his chi reserves and made himself sick daily doing so.

It is so funny that I look back a certain memory and say " DUH".

You see I aided a person one time ( in one session) who had chronic back pain his whole life. He was in constant pain and his quality of life sucked. So when I did my thing, his pains ended and he was amazed and blown away.....he was giddy ( do people even say giddy anymore?).

Anyway, he then asked me "do you know who I am?"....I said "No".....and didnt care as I cannot and will not raise or lower anyone in my mind, we are all equal. He explained that he was a huge businessman who had massive success with varied businesses. To cut to the chase, he offered to buy into my small business ( a personal training studio/my office) and make the personal training part a chain across the country.


I said "No"....He looked at me in shock. 

He asked me "Why?" and I then told him "We are doing this not simply for the money, we are doing it to change lives." He looked at me like I was an asshole ....and maybe he was correct. What was to follow after that was period of absolute challenge for my wife and myself of being the batteries for the business 24/7.....and it was this way for many, many years.

We were treated how can I say......ahhhhhh, like shit, by countless clients who simply thought it was our duty to serve them....now before anyone gets all reactionary, there is a difference between customer service and serving.....( see the no one is above or below anyone above statement). These clients actually thought that they were better than us and that it was duty to kill ourselves for them.....and that is not right.

One one occasion I met a husband and wife at a fund raiser.

The wife was a client of my wife in the personal training section at the time. The husband was drunk at the fund raiser and came over (stumbled) to us. He didn't say hello or nice to meet you....he blurted in my face when he found out I was from South Boston ( an Irish working class neighborhood).." Do you know that most Irish men have mental issues because of their relationship with their Mothers?, Yes, They are totally out of touch with reality".

To which I said " Well isnt that interesting" His wife then gave me a look of : I am a client of your wife, it is okay that he just said that to you after all, I am a client. I did my best to avoid his intrinsic pomposity the entire night..

Okay now lets jump a ahead a few weeks. The man that insulted me? Had then came to the studio as a client! In one conversation I had with him in a stop and chat after his workout he was then talking down to me about ....ready? Spiritual matters!

Yup, me, the guy that cured the blind, made infertile women pregnant, cured migraines ( and a ton of other shit) the guy that spent close to 18 hours a day every single day in meditation and giving of his energy to people....

He actually said to me that he "Answers to a higher authority".......yup, the same guy that insults people upon meeting them and talks to and looks down on people like they are slaves. Whatever "authority" you answer to dude, that aint the energy I follow, so have at it......wow.

Anywho, to back track back to the businessman who wanted to make the place a national chain, do I regret the decision? Well that is tough to say, my wife and I went through hell, but we learned a lot about life, energy, peace, deception, grief, sacrifice and pure evil. So I think our little business and the crossroads of refusing the offer was correct to do on my part, just still trying to decipher why the road to enlightenment has to be a struggle.

So, would more money have been pleasurable? sure....but the great thing about answering to a real higher authority ( whatever that is, the good and honest type of energy)?...you are always given other chances to do amazing things.


Hint: Stay tuned on that end.


The Rabid Monk