Whole big ass bag of truth

Let us get all spiritual...bottom of the ocean- deep as fuck spiritual for a second.....

But before you roll your eyes and get all up in my junk, I didn't say to get Bible thumpy, Yoga headstandy or getting all chanty...I said spiritual.

In my world that is VERY different. 


You see I look at everything as energy, I see the world as a big honkin' moving yin yang.

Me? I am part of that yin yang just like you.

Political bullshit? Yup, that is part of it as well. War, Hate, Racism, Sexism? Yup.

Energies ebb and flow, dominate and submit. The issue however is the bastardizing of the truth of our interconnectedness to this flow of life ( the middle line) . I dont want to get all basement command center and preach some crazy ass rambles, but I will say that many people over the years have taken the truth, spun it to fit in a book, a video, a religion to suit the desires and agendas that they ( or whatever group they are in) have.

When you do so, well you then have a watered down version of the truth energy, the yin yang then goes into motion and the energy then cannot move to a higher state as it was tainted from the start by the impression of ones desires, so it is stuck in ebb and flow, never making it to the creation stage ( or the re-creation of reality).

Does that make sense to you?..if so good, if you need a bit mo' here you go....

We are the dividing line that divides the 2 energies of the yin yang, we are the source of change....not agendas or battles ( as they are old energies just dying for attention) rather expansion of ones consciousness through comprehension of choice. Seeing the repetition, seeing the endless patterns that play out over and over as generations pass is a freedom of sorts ( and a chore at times). You need not make all this shit so spacey, weird, new agey or whacka doodle....we simply are a part of the all, the very core of creation, the very essence of life itself.

Truth is a power and a fucking amazing power.......so chew on some truth:

Do the current group of Yoga people study Yoga because they are planning to be Hindu? After all it is part of the religion, that is like pulling an arrow but not releasing it from the bow..going to the ocean and putting your toe in and and saying you swam.

Do people really want each other to "Have a nice day"?

Hmmmm, was it really "Your pleasure to help me?"

Is that child that just wiped his chocolate covered hands all over my pant leg in the coffee line "Adorable" or are his parents just assholes who want to share the stress that they have inside with any and all from dealing with this "lovely gift from heaven?"


Above are just 4 examples of truth..will they piss off some people?


Why? Because people are stuck in accepted energies, sameness, stagnation...they think that this is all that there is to life. There is much, much more....the truth sets all free, hidden bullshit? well that just fucks us all up.


So when you are looking around at the world today, ask yourself this one question:

" Am I what I am experiencing?"


Yeah, Ponder that shit for a bit.




The Rabid Monk



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