Hooray for Hollywood


Life and its twists and turns of discovering who you truly are despite all the haters and assbags trying to the best to steal your light can be a mutha.

Many, many,  moons ago, I was sexy....I mean really ultra sexy, fabio super mega 1980's heavy metal love God.... sexy. The swagger, the lip pout, the flowing locks ( yes, I may have permed my hair at one time) hoooooo baby....as you see in the above  photo, the sexual chi is so strong that it may melt your computer/tablet screens...

Quite cockariffic.

I had a favorite band that I saw all the time in concert during this sexual hotness phase, loved these guys beyond belief for the melodramatic ballads and power chords....name of the band? that will be revealed below, it is part of the blog lesson. Now how does that segway into me writing a spiritual story on this metaphysical binary code filled blog post? Well read on.... I will condense a whole life story into a small few sentences.

-My wife and I aid the public and have been doing so throughout our marriage ( her with her fitness philosophy and me with metaphysical healing).

How is that for shrinky dinking a lifetime?

Okay, now Jump ahead 23 years, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Now you dont know us, but we both gave of ourselves in endless ways to /employees/clients/friends. The more we gave, the more ( and more and more) they took. Who was dumb us or them?

Certainly not them, we were stupid for giving out so much.

You see, you can have tons of money, the best home, bling beyond belief, but if you dont have the energy of truth and love inside? well then you are fucked. That is the energy that people desired to acquire from us and took and took and took. You see, my wife and I absolutely love each other...it is sick how much and those waves of love can be felt when you are around us..sounds like a bullshit jerk off story, nope, its the fact jack. Anywho, when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer our world shattered...we were in shock. we were the ones who aided everyone and now this happens to us?

What the fuck ?

You know all those stories that you see people rallying around the breast cancer patient? the support given to her? Ahhhhhhh not so much on our end, people walked away from us. The very people we aided for countless years, turned and left when we needed them and we were alone. A whole series of events then followed that was nightmare and showed me how truly evil people were inside, how deceptive and hateful they were towards us.

Anyway, here comes the good feeling lesson.

One night after the 1st of a few surgeries for my wife, I was sitting in the hotel right next to the hospital all alone after a very long day. I was crying looking at the hospital being so far away from my love, it was killing me to not hold her hand. Then my phone rang and it was a familiar voice followed by a voice that I only spoke to in passing on video chats....It was an former client of mine named Michael ( who I helped out a year or so prior). We had become friends ( he lives in L.A) after I aided him, something even with all my abilities never saw coming ( or wanted).

He talked to me and was really there for me when I felt truly alone.

You see people who practice spirituality and are teachers of it are often put in a roll of being Superman like, void of all emotions. That is Bullshit, being in touch with all means you are indeed in touch with all and at times, that can really suck. Why? Because you are then treated in weird ways: if you show a human side-then people think  you cant be what you profess, If you show a Superman side-you are then feared or thought of as odd ( and then asked to give your energy out).....a fucking yin yang in action!

Michael didnt care about any sides, he simply called me when I needed a shoulder.

During the phone call his girlfriend Drea got on the phone and spoke to me for a while. Her and I exchanged funny jabs at each other prior in video chats, just busting balls, but didnt make any friend connection like Michael and I. She sat on the phone and talked to me about my wife, life and ....me. She wanted to know how I was....and that fucking blew me away, as no one ever cares how I am...they are amazed at what I can do or how it effects my body at times...but no one ever asks about....me. Anyway, we all chatted for a long time and it really helped me get through a nightmare night.

I say it proudly that I "work" for a higher source, whatever the fuck you want to call it : God, The Universe, a 3 Piece and a biscuit ....I dont care what you call it. Doing so at times can be a mind fuck and a never ending question mark, but it can also make you say "Huh" when unexpected events as a healer/teacher happen. As the one that gives out, you spend so much time doing you dont realize that things can be done for you as well......

The lesson(s)? 

Well, the guy Micheal?

He is the bass player for the band Whitesnake, the very band that I loved in the 80s when I had hair and was sexy metal love God. His girlfriend? Drea De Matteo star of ABC's Shades of Blue (Sopranos, Sons Of Anarchy, etc)....two "strangers" came out of the blue that night to aid the healer. We have since hung out with our new gal pal Drea in NYC ( Brought her to see my friend Colin Quinn perform) and met her best friend Amanda ( who my wife and I absolutely love) and formed a very nice friendship with a truly caring chick.

Micheal?  Well that ass clown is my brother, plain and simple, I love him and frequently want to kick his butt...if that isnt Irish family? what is? 

I am going to email them both after I post this live and when they read this section, this is for them...and my message to the cosmos for them both.

" I have always been about solitude and absolute dedication to aiding the world. When my world was rocked and shattered, you both helped out a soul that was used to being the giver, a soul that had no idea how to receive. In this messed up world saying you hate is such an excepted energy, but saying you love? well that can lead to a restraining order...but I will chance it.  I love you both dearly....not for your "fame" ( whatever the fuck that means) rather for the compassion, friendship and love you have show to my queen and myself. We may be 3000 miles apart, but know over on this East coast you have a soulmate and real friend.


A song that Micheal wrote as me as a semi influence....


Drea on Shades of Blue



If this post was too fucking mushy, please excuse me,  here is the lesson though: 

All this shit we currently are experiencing is just sameness energy. Where does all change really come from? - Out of the blue

Thank you Micheal and Drea for reminding me of that, I love you both.....really.


The Rabid Monk



A song from me 2 u all......I walk the streets, travel the world, shifting all the bullshit....why? for the same reason Michael and Drea called me..........I love.


"""If only we could all just find serenity It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate and bigotry ...Be gone?"""""