As above , so below ( or some shit like that)

I mean what is peace all about right?

It cant possibly be obtainable on Earth, could it?  

Let us look at our internal cosmos, isn't there a "war" always going within our own bodies? don't certain bacteria "battle" with each other for survival? If the saying " As above , so below" means anything then, then micro and macrocosm that is our present understanding of the metaphysical self is to be honest, well..... fucked.

How can we have an external peace if our internal peace is always at battle?

Haven't all the sages of the past said "look within to discover enlightenment"...but to really discover that self will surely unlock the understanding that war is always a part of survival...or is it?

Is war needed for regeneration and sustenance? 

Do varied energies always have to "battle" each other or is that concept just part of our sludge based human consciousness in this dimension?

Did you ever notice that all political parties argue to be correct? These are very the forces that dominate our consciousness and create our reality in this realm. Neither of the "powers that be" (BURP)  see the bigger picture energy looking down on the situation from a higher state of being and war energy is constantly being manufactured by both sides just acts of battle.  

Humans are unaware of these higher forces just like the bacteria within the body is unaware  of what goes on in our plane :

As above, so below. 


This onion peeling concept of higher states of being and constantly unfolding layers of reality ( based upon crossroads choice)  can be compared to a viewing the Mandlebrot fractal video above.

Watch and allow the images to expand into your subconscious , its show it the countless layers of reality unfold again and again.

This is what I speak of,  Maybe it is time to look deeper than the current state of accepted deep, to go beyond a state of "knowing" and venture off into the recesses of the human mind, to FINALLY get past the bullshit that all carry and continue to repeat the same shit over and over.

Trust me, many amazing things are indeed possible, how do the hell do I know ?  Well I unlocked the energy of " As above, so below"  22 years ago and changed countless realities for people at my old office on Newbury Street in Boston - How about that shit ?


The Rabid Monk