For spiritual people? No chanting in the champagne room.

Using the term "spiritual" is the new way for you

to get yourself shit on real quick.

I mean when the fuck did saying you are "spiritual" then get you associated with every oppressive religious organization on the planet? When did It become okay by people to lump all out of the box understandings into one a pile of crappola or stain the sheets of life with one big load of orgasmic jizz judgement?

Can spiritual also mean that you desire care about people? care about the planet? animals? the ebb and flow of all energy?

Being spiritual to me doesn't mean I want to jerk off a dolphin or 69 a redwood tree because I use the word to describe my overall belief. So what the fuck do I believe then? Well I am not an atheist, I am not a buddhist, christian, jew, taoist, muslim, sikh , etc.....I am a human on earth trying to do the best I can with the thoughts, feelings and reactions that I encounter daily both internally and externally.

If you look deep, all religions basically have the same idea ( with some really fucked up deviations along the way), so in a way I am all of them combined ( Ommmmmmmmm).  I believe in the very core that all faith

Do scientists have all the answers?


Do religious zealots?


So how the shit stick do I explain it all?

Well I have seen some wild metaphysical shit, I have performed some wild friggin' things as a former healer in Boston...but that doesn't mean I have a clue on the totality of all things. 

Is there a God?

Possibly, but in the sense of something our tiny little brains cannot even comprehend what "God" actually is. God may manifest as the thought image to some as a bearded old guy, others it could be the glimmer in the eyes of a newborn or the soft touch of a lovers hand. I have done things in my former treatment room that would be called "miracles" by some and I have also screamed outside my car window "you fucking asshole" when someone cuts me off in does that make me a less "centered" healer? 

No. Does it make me less connected to "God" No.

I always told every client for 22 years that I was a "plumber". I was not God, Jesus or any of that gang....and that I still have the same questions that many of them had. The difference is that I dedicated my entire life to energy and creating change and raising my personal vibration daily while people went on their path. But when you provide honesty energy and say to someone that you share the same questions they have, their consciousness then looks at that as a weakness vs a strength.


The issue is that people desire to be manipulated, used and controlled. Shit, 50 Shades of Grey was massively popular and it is all about domination look at that as a whole, not a simple facet ie: people want to illicit control over each other and when a person provides a truth energy, well they often get reamed for it. 

Shit, we cant even get along on a small water covered planet on the outstretched band of the milky way....and we want to figure out or debate the existence of a multi dimensional entity that possibly created a realm of understanding for thought energy to grow and evolve?

Can you say whatta waste of fucking time on earth!......wake the fuck up peeps, this journey we are all on together has been one shit cake of a fuckfest. Yes, the healer said a shit cake of a fuckfest.

The amazing thing that I continue to see, is that everyone spends so much friggin time trying to figure out the why, that they dont sit down and figure out there here and now. Now I am not falling in the "present" moment BS statement either, as that has become just another bumper sticker saying.

That is the problem I guess with human evolution, that people do not pursue the changes that are required to alter ones spiritual structure, they allow emotional attachments to cloud the mind and get hooked into a cycle of cause and effect. So many people shit on people and then claim to be many conservatives shit on people and claim to be faith driven....

Don't you see the common denominator? they are both seeking to dominate.




I am going to avoid that endless S&M fuckfest and go be spiritual and jerk off a dolphin.


The Rabid Monk



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