Easy peezy lemon squeezy meditation

Is anyone ever 2 with everything?

Is anyone ever 2 with everything?


So sit down today and cut the crap of "I dont know what to do"...

or make meditation some fucking mystical experience. It can be, but it has to 1st start with the "Just shut the fuck up and begin" philosophy.

Far too often people begin any sort of inner work with a preconceived notion of what they have read in books or seen prior in movies of what meditation is. When they then sit and experience it for themselves, they often say " What is this shit? nothing Harry Potter magical happened" or pop the cork on the next favorite whine.." Nothing happened for...( get ready for it)..me ( Boo fucking hoo)".

The 1st is expectation fed into your mind by outside sources, the 2nd? well that is just old bullshit "whoah is me" fucking tear jerking energy hound attention grab.

I have given you a easy to follow example that build on the article that Boston Magazine featured me in...

Meditation need not be so confusing...just start this one below. It is simple to follow but don't discount that fact that it is very powerful for its effects on your internal energy..after all, I am the Fucking Rabid Monk.


The easy peezy lemon squeezy meditation:  

5 minutes

This is a short, get back to self meditation that is like a good ol fashion quickie in bed. Except the person you are doing it with is...you  (No, not that way, you perv).

1-Sit ( or lay) in a comfortable position and close your eyes

2-Lightly place your tongue on the roof of your mouth 

3-Gently allow your inner glance to rise upwards towards your forehead

4-Make 2 tight fists...when doing so, feel the contraction of your forearm muscles and muscles of the hand.  

•In your minds eye, see this motion as the opposite of the big bang, see it as the big contract and hold this for 10 seconds

•Slowly open your palms and visualize the big bang, the expansion of all matter..leave palms open for 10 seconds

•Breathe normal and repeat this exercise for 15 repetitions....ie: close hands-hold, open hands.

After your have to 15 repetitions 5 minutes ( or so) should have passed....Now slowly open your eyes and rub your hands together to make them warm, then place your warm hands over your face and let the heat sink in.....

When the hands cool take them down, open your eyes and then go do to some earthly shit.


Brian Collins-The Rabid Monk



Brian Collins is an Advisory Board Member of International Association of Meditation Instructors  

( I.A.M.I )




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