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The Man of La Huh?-Cha

The Man of La Huh?-Cha

Repetition of past mantras, prayers, etc...all good in the hood, but what about the vibe of now?

I mean when exactly was the last time you saw anyone in a zoot suit, loincloth or suit of armor?     -discounting the east village in NYC that is. So why do we still consider mental spiritual fashions of the past still in vogue?

Call me a fucking idiot ( as many have) but if energy is constantly flowing and changing, then why the fuck aren't we flowing as well? Maybe, just maaaaaaaaaaaybe, if there is a some Divine understanding...dont cha' think that an intelligence with power that far exceeds fucked up human minds would would us to grow and progress in regards to the vibration of moment itself? Would it design a life form then say, nah fuck it, I will trap them in understandings 2000+, 3000+, 4000+ years old, just to fuck with them?....sure sounds the cosmic equivalent of a whoopee cushion. I don't think so....that is something only a human would do out of fear or insecurity.

So, do your thing ( whatever it is) but when you are doing it, ask yourself this question:

"What does this have to do with the internet?".....

Then chant/pray/cluck on that for a bit and maybe the Divine knowledge/power that you seek will then recognize that you indeed woke up and are asking for assistance in the 21st century and will push aside your rusty mental suit or armor ( around your brain) and give you what you need in 2017.....not 500BC, not 200AD......in 2017.

To be a traveler in the here and now, well, you need to be here and now and be willing to be bold enough to tap into the dark matter of the unknown as all mind warriors have done prior. The only resistance that you will encounter to this power ( the very same power all prior sages discovered) is your own internal bullshit that locks you into your old spiritual fashion choices.

Clean your old ass closet....you don't want to be that cosmic universal guy/gal floating around in the astral plane who still thinks acid washed jeans are stylish.


The Rabid Monk

©2017 Brian Collins