Reality show earth and jumpin' the shahhhk

What do you think other worlds think of earth? 

I mean if you are sitting on your ass at home on blurp in the galaxy of blarg, just tuning into your thought projection immersion pod to see what is on and flip by good ol' channel Earth to see what is projecting into the vast realm of the dimensional porthole manifestor....

How do you think they would respond?

I mean they would probably project a thought such as  " What the crazon based nebula wind???  this this train wreck show hasn't been cancelled yet"?

Would you blame them?

I mean haven't we on Earth jumped the shark as a universal TV show? Isn't it just the same ol plot lines?, the same ol stories over and over again? I mean who watches Dynasty anymore? T.J Hooker? Melrose Place? Electro Woman and Dynagirl?

Don't even know these shows?


Exactly...they were cancelled

So if we want this show to continue on ( and it sure looks like it is headed for a cancellation) don't you think we need new writers?

Don't you think a plot twist is in order?

The same old characters saying the same old shit just doesn't pull in the sponsors any longer.

So are there "reality writers" like me who would like to flip the script on the earth tip and see about making this TV last? I mean regardless of the fact that we all work on the same show, if we could make it past this bump, imagine the fucking cosmic syndication dollars we could score!

So stuff that into your thought projection immersion pod.


The Rabid Monk