I am an asshole, spirituality and Bill Maher


Excuse the delay in posting...I have been very

busy and pulled like taffy.

This is the 1st time I have had a chance to get to the blog and rant and rave....what is a Rabid Monk to do?

Sheeeesh can a Monk get a table dance or what?

Okay so what do I have to say? Well lotsa...after all, nuthin is going on in the world right?

But before anyone says "dont get political" I will say I never get political, I get energetic. But sometimes people read my posts or listen to my podcast and think it is political....they are not.

When energy is in a state of change it is in a state of change and like an asteroid colliding into a planet, there is an impact, then energetic transfer, then the dust settles....I am just reporting on what I see and how an individual can possibly navigate the waters of energetic change.

Funny, I made a post last week and a woman then sent me a hateful message on facebook telling what kind of asshole I am etc. All because I said that words contain power and our constitution should reflect the word of "arrival" of happiness  vs pursuit and that "all" people ( not just men ) are created equal.

So a woman then chewed me out because I said women

should have the same rights as a man.

It is so funny when people are misguided by waves of emotion....it shows me that human consciousness is still trapped in many ways in the ocean and it has not crawled up upon the seashore. These roadblocks within are the same pitfalls that Buddha sat under a tree and faced, the same energy that Jesus said " The kingdom is within you"...the same energy that has people going on drug fueled inner quests to find out "what is it all about?".

Well, my 2 cents?

The emotions and the spirit are 2 different things.

The word "spirit"???? well that word has been fucked over....it has been associated with every and any practice that involves inner reflection. If you use it in a sentence, then ohhhh boy are you screwed, you will be ripped apart by people who will call you a bible thumper, nut job, etc.

The Bible is a belief system for people that believe in the bible....that is a whole other can of worms, I am simply saying that not all things spirit, spiritual, are the same.

Right Bill Maher?

I mean I love Bill, but to talk anything spiritual with him almost leads to blows....odd because he smokes a ton of pot...to do what? alter his consciousness. Well, that is also what being spiritual is all about.

There are many strains of marijuana and there are many ideas behind the word "spiritual"......so how about we look at spiritual as a "race" of people...just because some "spiritual" people may act like assholes doesn't mean that all spiritual people are assholes.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk