The Armageddon Variety Show: To repeat or change the channel?



The question of questions:

 What exactly is "it" all about?

In fact what is "it"???? Ask yourself a question about the question and then take a moment to search inside for the answer, I will wait......

.......Okay,  R U done? 

You may not have found one, you may have found nothing and that is the exact answer you are actually trying to find. Now I know that answer sounds like absolute mumble jumble new age dolphin humping bullshit, but it really isn't. People do not understand the fluid power of nothing or get it completely confused with the act ( or lack thereof ) of doing nothing.

There is a massive difference between the 2 energies. 

One recreates by embracing the liquid power of a blank slate that can rewrite patterns while the other repeats old stagnations and allows them to control a persons reality. The world currently is in a stage of energetic repeat...old energies are now flooding the collective consciousness like a tsunami of patterns ( updated for the 21st century), but it is still just the same old past shit reoccurring.

We are now in a phase of ever increasing turmoil,

globally and here at home.

•Political change has caused people to explode with reaction and take to the streets in protest (nothing new).  

•One side of the fence is happy, the other pissed ( nothing new). 

•A religious ideology is trying to control the world and murder all others who don't share in the same belief system globally ( nothing new). 

•People are oppressing each other and forcing specific belief systems down the karmic throats of others ( nothing new)

•People starve while others ignore ( nothing new)

The examples above are just a couple of drops in the bucket of the shit splat situation our world is in right now. Like history has shown, all this crappola is just a great big giant cycle just coming around again and again and again. People continue to react the same ( the old days they stormed the village with torches, now they storm the internet with tweets) and expect somehow , someway for something to change, while they act ( and react) the same way.

It can’t.

-Say wha? Captain doom and gloom! 

What I am trying to say is that it can't and will never change unless an individual is willing to take action, to do the required work to shift the self and the related energies that the self are indeed creating. All the sages of the past, all the mystics, all the adepts...all shared the common understanding that all are connected, all are one. 

To blame somebody for being an asshole and react to the “asshole-ness" actions of the asshole...??? Well, that gets a person If you blame someone you immediately bypass enlightenment of the present day energies of change and replay the old and then manifest the old outcomes....again.

So you are creating the outcome, by not seeing that you are creating the outcome. 

This inner confusion allows old energies to play out, helping to send the world to the ultimate big boom reset like it has in the past. I mean are people that blind to see that if society continues the same combative energies as those that were being created prior that they don’t expect some sort of a massive reset of what reality is? 

How many times does it take till people wake the fuck up?

I told people 3 years ago that this negative energy was coming, but week after week, I was screaming into a void. I tried to help shift things but I could only do what I do and expected people to do what they said they would as did I.

I was wrong.

So I am still trying to get a project done to help shift consciousness, to aid the world. I guess I am like those fools in the past who actually saw the bigger picture and gave it their all behind the scenes to help all....It is fucking hard and sometimes I feel all alone in my quest, but fuck it....It is what it is. I know deep in my heart that I can aid the world if I get a special project done, I kind of look at it as my "ultimate healing" ( as I have aided people for 22 years professionally).

Today a story was released showing some unseen force moving our galaxy and actually speaks in the article that all is favorite quote in it :

"We found a flow pattern reminiscent of streams of water that are organized by gravity to run downhill"

To me that is funny and makes me laugh, (give me a bit of editorial room)....I am putting the next bit in bold for my subconscious who has been plodding through with me for years creating peace for all. "When they speak of this massive amount of universal energy being reminiscent of water,  You know what moves a Waterwheel?..... water! hahahaha! "

And I wake up to another day, praying that I can get movement on my project and help shift old patterns before the The Armageddon Variety Show has a chance to repeat on Earth. If you were given a choice to help shift the energy of the world and, would you do so? 

The below excerpt from Pink Floyd's masterpiece The Wall shows you what the fuck I am fighting against!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


......Anyone with me???  




Brian Collins The Rabid Monk